Running; a new challenge!

I’m one of those people who love to work out, once I get into a routine I can stick with it. I’ve been off the wagon for a long time, a very long time. I’ll use the eliptical or spin or take yoga, the one thing that I shy away from is running. Way back in high school I can  recall the delight I felt every time cross-country running was cancelled due to the rain.

I got a nudge from my sister a few weeks back, she text me telling me that she’d signed us up for the color run. A 5k where they throw coloured pigment at you. Ok, in the back of my head a little voice is questioning this, but the louder voice is telling me it’ll be fun, I think.


The above is my running outfit of choice, the neon pink ensures that if I collapse into a heap someone will eventually see me. I’ve been using the 10k runner app. I find it really useful in that every time you run it pushes you a little more. I’m currently on week 5 day 1. I’m a very slow ploddy runner, but goal is to run the 5k no matter how slow and not walk.

I’m actually starting to enjoy running, especially when I can do it outside. I can see improvement which is a great motivator.I think my problem was pacing myself, I’d run to fast and then be exhausted. The app helps me that, and I only run 3 days a week and fill in the other days with different cardio.


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