Crochet: Barstool Covers




20140523-095049.jpgI have these two great metal bar stools at my kitchen table.  They’re the perfect height, and they spin! However they’re metal so they’re coooooold in the winter and in the summer, bare legs stick to them and its always a gamble when you’re getting down. One false move and they try to keep some of said skin. Ouch.

I was fiddling around with crocheted circles the other day, working out a throw idea and I had a brain flash. I could make yarn covers for the stools!  After a few false starts I got into the hooking groove and came up with this little beauty. It took a wee bit of pulling and tugging to get them on after hooking the decreases but they fit well and I’m not concerned about them coming off.  I’m chuffed.

I think for the second stool I will reverse the colors with dark radiating to light.  I’m so glad I learned to crochet.  If anyone wants the instructions I can post them. I haven’t written crochet instructions before so that should be fun! I’ll have to dig out my sharpies for a chart.  -Marie

2 thoughts on “Crochet: Barstool Covers

  1. Glad you like it! I’ll be posting a follow up with the second cover and instructions soon. Though its a pretty simple granny circle situation. 🙂

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