Project 52: 25/52

20140623-151119-54679422.jpgThe summer solstice was this past weekend, it was filled with the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, loads of edge of your seat World Cup football games and great food. NYC has caught the FIFA  Fever, as our team is playing the best football it ever has at the World Cup (though don’t get me started on that last goal by Portugal, that NEVER should have happened)  I love living in a densely populated area when big sporting events are happening. You can hear the shouts, cheers and agonized groans up and down the block during the entire game.  It’s very amusing.

Quite frankly I’m exhausted after this weekend, and I’m glad to be sitting at my desk this Monday. 🙂  The humidity is way down, the days are warm and the nights are cool. I could get used to this weather!  Tomorrow night I’m going to a lecture at the Hayden Planetarium followed by star gazing on the terrace, as long as the sky cooperates.  Have a wonderful week and GO USA!!


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