52 Project: 29&30/52

7/21/14  29/5220140728-130125-46885677.jpgI have been battling the worst head cold that I have had in years. I remembered to take my picture last Monday, but between bouts of fever and coughing up a lung I never got around to actually posting it.  By day six my sore throat was epic so I went to the Dr. to make sure it wasn’t  something horrible like strep. Thank goodness it wasn’t. Just your typical cold virus which meant I just had to be patient and wait it out. Today marks day 11 and my sore throat is finally nearly almost gone, the cough is still present but dwindling.   Florrie and I are running a 5k at the end of August, which is terrifying because I haven’t been running for going on three weeks. Eeep!  Back at it this week. Wish us luck!

7/28/14  30/5220140728-130310-46990027.jpg

One thought on “52 Project: 29&30/52

  1. I have been following your pictures since the beginning of the year and en joying them immensly, I know that a summer cold is the worst. I do hope that you are on the mend now and look forward to more pictures. Take care, God Bless…..Marie Dinelle

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