Quick & Easy Counting

florriemarie craft hudson counting stitches knitting

Hey there friends. I wanted to share a little technique that I invented for myself to count stitches. This technique works just as well if you are casting on stitches or if you need to make sure your stitch count is correct mid knit.

I’ve always been much more of a word girl, than a numbers girl. Even the seemingly easy 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 by two’s method, is clumsy and slow for me, especially if you’re counting higher than 25 or 30. I was knitting my first bigger garment and I had 250 stitches to cast on, and I counted, and recounted, and miscounted and eventually got fed up. So I regrouped and thought, “There has to be an easier way.” Counting by tens was super quick and easy, but making sure you had exactly ten stitches at a time was tricky and time consuming.

So I started counting by three’s.  I counted, 3, 6, 9 and the tenth stitch was there by its self. So I continued- 3, 6, 9, 10– 3, 6, 9, 20-, 3, 6, 9, 30. My speed picked up, I switched from saying the threes to just repeating the last ten count as I scooted over those three stitches at a time.

My little counting mantra became:  “Three, six, nine, ten, ten, ten ,ten, twenty– twenty, twenty, twenty, thirty– thirty, thirty, thirty, forty- forty, forty, forty, fifty.

When I got to fifty I placed a stitch marker, and placed one every 50 stitches (so if you mess up you don’t have to start back at the beginning again). No more pokey, slow, what comes next, counting by two’s.  It was a revelation. It was fast.  As a result, I no longer dread having to count my stitches. I know there are a ton of different ways out there, and some probably easier. But this is the way I like to do it, and it works very well for me. Perhaps if our brains are similarly wired this will help you out, too. But if this sounds like utter rubbish to you, then I apologize! LOL 😀

Here’s a visual, for what it’s worth…

florriemarie knitting counting stitches craft hudson

5 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Counting

  1. I’m LOLing because this morning i realized that I put the numbers on the bottom picture backwards! I normally count my stitches right to left, but my brain thought it correct to put them on left to right last night, like I read. so funny! I uploaded a corrected photo!

  2. I hope I remember this method the next time I load a ton of stitches on a needle. Sounds like a revelation to me!

  3. this is going to be alive saver for me, cause, I am constantly frogging, the one I am doing now, I have already frogged the back 3 times…thank you

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