52 Project: 39/52

IMG_5859.JPGAutumn is being a tease in the city.  We’ll have a few days of cool temperatures, and gorgeous chilly nights, and then it will turn around with a weekend like this past weekend. In the 80’s, a teensy bit humid, hot. The good news is that I’m starting to see the first little signs of the season’s change: a blush of red in the trees, leaves collecting on the ground, purple autumn flowers. Florrie says that the leaves at the Croakery are starting to turn. All we need down here is one good cold snap and it will quickly tumble downhill into color. I can’t wait. Yesterday I caught myself daydreaming about being home when it’s snowing. It nearly made me feel something similar to homesick.  lol Aren’t I a funny one?

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “52 Project: 39/52

  1. I have been receiving your lovely emails all year. I don’t know how you got my e mail address but I’m delighted having grown up in New York City to be sharing with you. I am coming in to Vogue KNitting live and hope to meet you there !! Best wishes, Rollie Abkowitz

    • Hi Rollie! You must have, at some point, clicked on the ‘follow this blog’ button on the right. But I’m so glad you did! Hopefully we can say hi at VKL ☺️

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