Postcards from Central Park

I went for a walk on my lunch break yesterday through my little corner of Central Park. It was a truly beautiful day. Pale blue sky, the summertime vibrant green had faded to something more like gold, and some of the leaves have changed, tinged with yellow and here and there bits of red berries peeked out between leaves. Grackles and sparrows squabbled over them, darting in and out of the branches. I made my usual loop over the Gapstow Bridge and around the Wolman Rink. The summer amusement park that fills up the skating rink has been stripped away, and they’re getting it ready to fill up with ice for the skating season. Soon it will be wall to wall skaters. I really should do this walk more often. 🙂 IMG_5948.JPG









3 thoughts on “Postcards from Central Park

  1. Great photos Marie! I’m remembering all the movies that feature some of the scenes you photographed. Iconic and comforting somehow, even though I’m not a city dweller! Love them!

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