Baus Family Vineyard Zinfandel

Baus family vineyardVineyard: Baus Family Vineyard

Region: California

District: Sonoma county

Country: USA

Vintage: 2011

Producer: Baus Family Vineyard. Vinted and bottled by Great Domaines & Estates, Healsburg, CA

Grape: Zinfandel, private reserve


Price: $14.99 -$24.99


Divine! Beautiful like a perfectly ripe cherry. Under the veil of deep claret, vibrant red plum is hiding just below the surface.


Just as the appearance suggested the nose is deep and rich. Lush cherry and currants spring into you nose and tease the senses. Underneath are subtle hints of stewed berries and sweet tobacco.


A mouthful of delicious plum and berry jam gives way to very bright fresh cherries, black currants and blackberries. Your palate is treated to layers of the same fruit prepared in different ways, ranging from cooked down to straight from the bush. This wine fills every corner of your mouth and when the initial fruit washes away toasted tannins are left dancing on your cheeks. This little minx isn’t done with you yet, this has a loooong finish that ends with the tartness of freshly picked blackberries.


Wow, I was so busy falling head over heels, that I forgot about eating anything.

Florrie‘s footnote;

Amazing wine, perfect for washing away the day.

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