52 Project: 44/52


Happy November! I typed out 44/52 just now for the title of this post, and it struck me how quickly this year has gone by.  We have just eight weeks left of this particular 52 project. Seems impossible. I suppose I should begin to consider if I will do another series starting in January, and if I do where should I take the picture? It needs to be somewhere convenient, somewhere at least a little bit interesting… hmmm. I’ll have to think about it. To see the whole project so far click HERE

The trees are beginning to look a bit thinner, the leaves are changing and falling and the New Yorkers are bundling up. We had the NYC marathon yesterday and hated to think of all those runners, in that horrible wind. I love all weather, even the worst weather… but wind. Ugh. No thanks. and then, to have to run in it? I would cry. lol

Have a wonderful week! -Marie

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