52 Project: 46/52

IMG_7027.JPGIt’s a gorgeous cold and rainy November morning this Monday. Quiet, foggy, subdued, a steady drizzle of cold rain. The trees on our corner are getting barer and more winter-like every day as we close in on the end of our year. Most would be unhappy with this kind of day, but I love being outside in the brisk wetness, it’s sort of moody and there’s a poetry in this type of weather. It makes going back inside extra cozy. While I would prefer to spend this type of day in my flat, with a little puttering, cooking and a bit of knitting… I am grateful to be employed. 🙂  If it’s not raining too much I might go for a little walk in the park later at lunchtime and take a few pictures.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re loving the weather- whatever it may be! -Marie

2 thoughts on “52 Project: 46/52

  1. We have snow and it is freezing out (prairies in Canada). The snow makes everything look fresh and clean and so pretty. I love those days you described puttering, cooking and knitting.

  2. Dear Marie: I grew up in NYC and having your wonderful pictures coming to me is just a treat. I don’t know how I got on your list but I’m so glad I did !! I live outside of Rochester NY in Webster and will be coming into the city to go to Vogue Knitting Live. I hope we can meet. I make things for dp needles and i would like to give you some as a gift in return for the loveliness you have given me. Thank you again. Rollie

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