Cocktail: Astoria Sling

IMG_7038.JPGI got a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon this weekend, and I promptly set about mixing a drink. Poking around in my fridge produced cranberry juice, limes, oranges. I wanted something that put me in a holiday/Thanksgiving mood, these ingredients fit the bill. I thought I was being such a clever girl, inventing a drink that had never been shaken over ice in the history of cocktails.

Ahem. When I Googled “cranberry, bourbon cocktail” though, I was directed to this blog post which was nearly identical to what I had put together. lol I guess cocktails are sort of like knitting, essentially there are no new stitches. At some point, forgotten or not, it’s all happened before. 😀

The main difference in my drink is that I added a squeeze of fresh orange juice to the mix, and I only had cranberry cocktail, not plain cranberry juice, though either would taste good. The cranberry cocktail is a bit sweeter than plain juice so if you prefer tartness, plain old cranberry is the way to go.

IMG_7092So without further ado-

I bring you what I hope will be a welcome little tipple for a holiday gathering for you and yours, the Astoria Sling (named for my little slice of Queens) aka The Bardstown Sling (FlorrieMarie). 😀

Makes 1 six ounce cocktail:

1 1/2oz Bourbon (Bulleit is a nice smooth Kentucky Bourbon)

1/2oz Cointreau

1/2oz fresh lime juice

1/2oz fresh orange juice

3oz Simply Cranberry Cocktail (or plain cranberry juice)

Chill a glass and rub the rim with orange peel, shake drink over ice, garnish with an orange peel twist and/or slice of fresh orange, and a maraschino cherry wouldn’t kill anyone.

If you wanted to be a fancy pants you can spike a cranberry and orange peel on a cocktail pick. Enjoy!IMG_7039.JPG

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