Orphan Black is Back!

Florrie and I are super excited that one of our favorite sci-fi shows is premiering today. đŸ˜† in honor of it we whipped up a cocktail to celebrate. In fact the Gemini mind of Florrie thought we should do a new drink each week for all our favorite characters. Yesssss. She’s an evil genius, that one.  

Here’s Sarah. Clone #1. Seestra. 


1 oz gin (Beefeater if you want to pay homage to Sarah’s British heritage)

8 oz Pompelmo Sanpellegrino 

1 oz Apricot Nectar

1 tblsp fresh lime juice

Garnish with a slightly bruised sprig of lemon thyme. 

One thought on “Orphan Black is Back!

  1. Hello and welcome back,.Have you stopped sending e-mails or have I somehow been missing them, the last time I heard from you was when you were sending pictures of New York,  which I looked forward to each and every day.  It was exciting to see how your weather through out the year compared to ours here.  I am just 20 miles east of Toronto, Ontario, but I have not seen anything since.

    This drink sounds delicious and will try it soon and looking forward to others. Marie Dinelle Writing to you from Pickering, Ontario, Canada

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