Champagne Aubry

Vineyard: a Jouy-les Reims

Region: Chmpagne

Country: France

Vintage: NV


Importer: Skurnik wines

Grape: Torrontes

Alcohol: 14%

Price: $38.00


Fast moving medium small bubbles.


The light and fresh zest wafts up the nose and literally makes you mouth water and long to taste whats promised. Fresh apples, a little lime and faint toasty notes.


As promised, sharp and zesty, lemons, limes and granny smith apples provide a wonderful bite.

The second wave is a deeper flavour, toasty pastry and honey. The fresh apple develops into a delicious baked one in your mouth. The finish is so pleasant it seems to roll and roll around.


Strawberries and other ripe berries would pair wonderfully with this.

Florrie‘s footnote;IMG_8447

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