About Florrie…

Once upon a time in a little town in England there was a girl called Florrie, named after her great Grandmother because she was born on her birthday. Florrie loved to be creative, expressing herself through drawing, sewing crafting, cooking and especially baking.

She got her GCSE’s, A Levels and a BA Honors in constructed textiles, then decided she wanted a big adventure. So she picked up and moved to the Big Apple to be a fashion designer.

It was there in the Big Apple, amongst all the hustling bustling people  that she met Cobra Commander who swept her off her feet.  Florrie and Cobra Commander enjoyed newly wed bliss in a cosy Brooklyn apartment and then the tiny terror came along. It was then that they all upped sticks and moved to The Croakery, a cute little place nestled in a clearing in the woods.

Here she Bakes, cooks, crafts, knits, attempts to garden all while the tiny terror chases her round and round and round until they get dizzy and fall down.

Florrie Facts;

  • Fickle and fabulous



  • Falls somewhere in the middle of Margo Leadbetter and Barbara Good from the Good life. The Gemini in her won’t allow her to be either or.
  • Closet perfectionist, but very impatient
  • Favourite drink – Champagne
  • Favourite food – Cake
  • Favourite thing to do – Make the tiny terror roar with laughter, plan & throw a soiree, travel
  • Three – the number of days it took of dating each other for Florrie and Cobra Commander to decide they wanted to get married

About Marie

4 thoughts on “About Florrie…

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  3. Thank you for the fabulous hat. I make them/donate them to organizations that help the homeless. Love the pom-poms and how to attach.

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