A Sheep & Wool Celebration!

We are so excited to be gearing up for the annual Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival in a few days at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. While we aren’t quite to the point where we’ll have a booth, (fingers crossed and working hard towards having a FloMa booth next year!!) we are planning on going to the fair both days.

There’s lots to see and buy so I always mean to start saving up months in advance, and yet I never seem to start early enough! I want to indulge in all of my impulse buys. Believe me, there is a lot to be tempted by. The gorgeous yarns (that means you, Miss Babs!), beautiful knitting patterns, eating the great food, taking in a lecture or two, not to mention the silly  critters.  Though I do not anticipate taking home any sheep… just wool.  We are so fortunate to have this great event in our own backyard and would be crazy to miss it!

So in the spirit of woolly goodness we’re offering a FlorrieMarie coupon code! Starting tomorrow, Friday October 18th you can get 30% off of any one FlorrieMarie knitting pattern. We really hope you see something you like!


We’re going to be passing out these little cards at Sheep and Wool, and during the Ravlery Meetups.  We don’t want our internet friends to be left out, so we’re sharing it here with you, too!

The Fine Print: The code, sheepwool, is valid starting at 12:01 am Friday October 18th through midnight Saturday November 30th.  The code will give you 30% off any one pattern in the Ravelry FlorrieMarie Pattern Store.  It is good for one use per person. We’re sorry, but it is not valid for past purchases.


You happen a upon all sorts of things when driving around the countryside, one of those things was this;

A Painted Turtle

This is a painted turtle, and as you can see in the photo he is missing part of his front right leg, hence the name Gimpy.

Cobra Commander and I spotted him close to the side of the road. Before I knew what was happening, the car was parked across someone’s driveway and CC had sprung into rescue mode. CC scooped Gimpy up into the bag and headed back to the car. I slid over to the drivers seat, I thought it best i drive incase Gimpy escaped. He made a valiant effort, but the bag proved to be too tricky.

Amber belly and red markings

We have at least 2 of these in the pond already, but weren’t sure of their type until we found Gimpy.

Off he goes to his new home, I hope he’s happy and plays nice with the other tutles




Croakin’ at The Croakery

Spring is here, the days are mild, buds are showing and the bullfrogs are croaking all day. Cobra Commander was at the pond earlier in the week and saw the giant tadpoles swimming around I have yet to venture there to look in the water.

I like there to be  an impenetrable barrier between me and the amphibians.

This was the view last night from inside The Croakery. Teeny weeny frogs clinging onto the glass. The rain had been coming down all day, so I’m not sure if these frogs had enough of being wet and were sheltering from the rain drops.  Or  in the dark they mistook the glass for the surface of water. By the time I headed off to bed there were 6 of them on the door.

The Possum

Oooo what's do we have here?

The other night, I saw movement on the deck, and crept forward to gat a better look. Lo and behold there was a possum scuttling about nibbling on seeds and chex mix left over by the birds. This was the first time I was seeing one of these critters, very strange he is too. This is surely a real live rodent of unusual size.

Chex mix, yum

I like these, they're so crunchy

I get this funny feeling I'm being watched

O.K I'm ready for my close up

That’s Nature

The other Sunday morning at The Croakery I could hear the strangest bird noise. It was like squealing and squeaking. As I looked into the trees I could see several robins in a tree. The noise stopped. I continued what I was doing, and heard it again. Back to the window I went, in an attempt to identify the source, It was then that this caught my eye……

…A Merlin sitting on a Blue Jay. The Merlin had swooped in on its prey and after a struggle had flipped the Blue Jay on its back.

Pining the Blue Jays wings down with its claws the Merlin pecked at the neck of the Blue Jay until it died. The was an ambitious undertaking on the part of the Merlin, He and the Blue Jay are almost identical in size.

The Merlin then took flight with the lifeless Blue Jay clutched in his claws below  and disappeared into the woods.

Feather covered ground is all that was left of the struggle and…

… A single blue tail feather marks the spot were the Blue Jay lost

Creepy foot fetishist!!!!

Really, I shouldn’t call this a foot massage, it was mainly concentrated on my big toe.

There I am, standing at my counter, minding my own business kneading bread, when I feel a tickle on my toe. Thinking it’s fluff, I twiddle my toe to move it along. Imagine my shock when I look down and see one of these!!!!!!!

Don't you have enough of your own feet to play with?????

Don't you have enough of your own feet to play with?????