Free Pattern: Knit Lamp Shades

lamp, glas bord, ikea, knit, knittingI’ve had this set of two lamps from IKEA for a few years now, and while they’re pretty they were a bit plain. Enter- Knitting! I saw that someone had knit a nice cabled cover for their lamps and I knew I could come up with something pretty for mine. After a bit of playing around this is what I came up with and I thought I’d share it with you. I’m not sure IKEA still sells this particular lamp, but it would work with any lamp of approximately the same dimensions. Small lamp: 11″ high and 4.5″ square. Large lamp: 14″ high and 5.5″ square.

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lamp, glas bord, ikea, knit, knittinglamp, glas bord, ikea, knit, knittinglamp, glas bord, ikea, knit, knitting

DIY: Tile Back Splash Part One

I’ve been seeing white subway tiles on Pinterest, and in magazines for ages and I have always loved the clean fresh look of them. While I do rent the flat,  I figured this would be a nice inexpensive way to give the kitchen a little refreshing face lift. After getting the all clear from the landlord I took a trip to Home Depot with my roommate’s contractor girlfriend. (she’s a good person to know if you’re planning on doing a construction project) 🙂  Here’s a photo gallery of the back splash project.  In this episode we removed the hardware, in this case a shelf and electrical outlet cover, and prepped the wall. We sanded it down since it was a painted wall and made sure all the grease and oil that accumulates on kitchen walls was scrubbed off.  We used 12×12 inch sheets of pre-spaced tiles and started putting them up with the mortar.


Before. Painted white with a faux steel trim (contact paper!)


Removing the hardware and starting the wall prep. A good scrub and a sanding happened next.


Applying the mortar and getting the tiles on the wall!


We’re getting into the corners, time to trim the sheets to fit.


Only halfway done and I LOVE the way it looks already.

Added a grey glass decorative edging along the top that matches the dark grey counter top.

Now we let the mortar cure for a day. I’m waiting a couple of days because I’m a busy girl, but we may grout as soon as tonight. Not too shabby for $100!  I’m really pleased and I was surprised at how simple the process really was.  Stay tuned for the final product in the new year. -Marie

Candy Cane Centre Piece

Last year, in the sales after Christmas, I was lucky enough to get my little mitts on some ornament trees for a great price. They were whisked straight into storage and forgotten about until last week. I used one to hang my 12 days of Christmas ornaments and place it on the mantle, The other I turned into a this;

Candy Cane centre piece

To tidy up the ends of the candy canes I taped up any loose wrappers, and then used bakers twine to attach the candy canes to the ornament tree. It was a little tedious, but ask Marie and she’ll tell you how much I love tiny tedious tasks. As I worked my way down, some of the canes needed to be trimmed. In all, I believe I used around 8 dozen candy canes.


Free Pattern: Snowball Wreath

wreath, knitted, knitting, knit, snowball, christmas, holiday, pompom, pom, Florrie and I have been in the holiday knitting mood lately and I was so inspired by her Double Knit Party Chain that I wanted to get in on the action. I came up with this quick and easy wreath.  I generally prefer wool and natural fibers, but this Shimmer yarn by Red Heart caught my eye at the shop.  I thought it would be so cute as a holiday decoration. Its very hard to capture it in a photograph, but the yarn has a really cute shimmery strand running through the white. Its not super sparkly but its just enough to be merry. The yarn is  snowy and white, so I can leave it up even after the holidays as a little wintertime decoration.

wreath, knitted, knitting, knit, snowball, christmas, holiday, pompom, pom,

wreath, knitted, knitting, knit, snowball, christmas, holiday, pompom, pom, I could have knit it flat and seamed it all up the back, but the idea of that much sewing made my skin crawl. Instead I pulled out my tiny Hiya Hiya US7 23cm needles and got to work. Worked in the round this knits up really quick. Most of the rows are knit.  If you can’t find circular needles you can certainly use a set of double pointed needles, but circular are faster in my opinion.

wreath, knitted, knitting, knit, snowball, christmas, holiday, pompom, pom, When you put the knitting on the wreath form, don’t worry about your seam being pretty. You can see in the picture above that my seam was very chunky, I just did a really quick whip stitch. But it was fine because the icord pompom bows covered it all up. In the end I was really happy with it!  I hope you’ll enjoy the pattern! -Marie

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Double Knit Party Chain




Double knit Chain


I really wanted to knit something for Christmas, at first I had my mind set on a wreath. I test knit some patterns, however for some reason it wasn’t coming together how I wanted.  I then remembered the paper chains I used to make when I was a child. They had almost limitless possibilities, what with the paper choices and if the paper was blank then I’d just add my own design.

Double knit chain

I started doodling and came up with my first few ideas. I remembered the classic patterns used in those the paper chains – dots, spots stripes. I had some scrap graph paper and charted my first few links, and worked out their order.Dounle knit chain

As I was knitting I wasn’t completely in love with how it was turning out. Even after blocking the edges were rolling, and I was a little unhappy with the look of the wrong side. At first I didn’t think it would show that much, but when I hung it up it was way too obvious.

Learning to double-knit is a skill that has been on my list for a while. Marie had stashed a class for us on Craftsy. I gathered my supplies and plonked myself down in front of the computer to learn. The cast on was a little tricky to master, but overall basic double-knit isn’t that hard. If it’s something you’ve been contemplating I highly recommend taking a little time to learn, and this chain would be perfect as each piece is so small.

I charted all the patterns using Google spreadsheets. I’m a bit techno challenged so once again Marie stepped in and pointed me in the right direction. It really is great having her around.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 07.17.30

After my initials charts, the links took on a life of their own, and soon I had 24. One for each day leading up to Christmas.

The great thing about these links is they can be knitted on any order, and any colour. I’d love to see them in lots of bright colors for a birthday party. I’m planning on re-knitting them multi colored when I have the time. I also love that they can be flipped inside out to reveal the other side and that changes the look and feel slightly.

I hope you’ll love knitting this for whatever holiday or celebration you’re having! -f

You can purchase the pattern HERE on Ravelry.

The Tiny Terror’s Room Part -4

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! This has been going on for a year and I still haven’t gotten around to finishing it. Big shame on me. Also I have lost interest and just want to be done!

Reluctantly, very reluctantly I have given up on the ombre stripes. I just couldn’t get the blending perfect enough. The amount of time I was spending retouching was bordering on the ridiculous!

So here is my (pitiful)progress report;

In the end I choose to paint the wall in pear green

Yes, it is bright and hits you in the face, but the room is north facing and naturally quite dark.

I think the chocolate browns and neutral shades will tone it down

Fingers crossed I’ll have this done and dusted by Christmas. f