Remember the ‘Closet of Doom’?

Eeek.  I know. I wasn’t using my closet to hang my clothes, so much as to cram odds and ends out of sight. For months I planned it out in my head and talked about fixing it up.  A few weekends ago I decided to put my money where my mouth was and finally finish the job.

I went Home Depot and got a gallon of a very pretty pale robin’s egg blue paint from the Martha Stewart paint line.

In case you like it the name is Enamelware and the number is MSL116. Aqua is one of my very favorite colors, and I wanted to make a nice fun pop of color inside the closet when the doors were opened. I started by pulling everything out and washing down the walls, filling in holes with spackle and sanding it down. The walls are old plaster so there was a lot of mending to be done.

I gave everything two coats of paint and even before I put everything back in it looked so pretty. That blue is such a cheerful happy color. I love it.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but you get the idea. Its soooooooo much better! I know where everything is, and nothing is wrinkled and horrible looking. It is so worth the $20 in paint and the few hours it took to do. I hope this inspires you to get in the spirit and get a spring cleaning project done. It feels great to make a positive change.

The Flat: Kitchen Rennovation almost complete!

We have been working hard since the beginning of March to make over our city kitchen.  I’m sure you remember the “before” pictures… If you don’t, you can look at them here. Dark, dismal, and a little bit creepy!

We worked hard to spackle holes and prime the walls, then make them gleem with new pretty color.

We have our high dining table with some smart new barstools.

We love our print! It was the catalyst for our 1940’s theme idea. Check out those adorable Alice salt and papper shakers. Murry found them at Fishes Eddy. They are awesome!

That corner to the left of the stove is reserved for our new cabinet/countertop. We need to get back to IKEA before that happens though. But look at that fab ceiling light! There’s another one in the pantry.

There were also stick on floor tiles on the kitchen countertop. Murray spent about an hour peeling them off with the steamer again, then we had to deal with the sticky mess. We tried several ways to get it off. Baking soda took off one layer of sticky residue. Step two was smearing veggie oil over the surface and letting it sit. Using the putty knife to scrape oil and glue off worked well and got a lot more off, but didn’t take it off completely. The last two steps were to sprinkle Comet cleaner and scrape it again with the putty knife, then Ajax did the rest, removing the last of the sticky residue. Now the counter top is gleaming! But my arms want to fall off!

I love the afternoon sun in the kitchen. It makes everything glow!

The pantry was a big project. The previous renter had put up floor tiles on the walls and they leave behind a horrid sticky mess. We had to use a steamer to peel them off the walls, goo gone them and then clean and paint. It was quite a process.

We put up the elfa shelving and now we have a well organized, working kitchen and pantry. It’s so great… so GREAT!  :O) Really the only things left to do are to make some pretty curtains, get our kitchen island/countertop and figure out a solution to the floor. It’s a horrible floor folks.  We’re thinking those lock in place wooden floor boards that sit on top of the existing floor. Anyone have some advice about those?

But in the meantime we are loving the transformation, the space is cheery, bright and a really nice place to hang out with friends and family and cook and eat. We truly love it.

Primer and Painting

Over the weekend we finally finished the primer coats on the hallway and the kitchen. The hall was so dark that it required two coats, but the kitchen we feel confidant that one will be sufficent. I love the light in here now. We were previously told that plants wouldn’t fare well in the rear of the apartment, because the light was too dark. Lies!! Even on a snowy afternoon like today the light was gorgeous. This corner will have our shiny new kitchen cabinet in a few weeks, but till then my table looks grand there. Its our little sunny corner of happiness. Here’s a few more picts of the hall and kitchen in progress.

I painted the upper cabinet a bright and shiny white. The lower cabinets will be replaced sooner than later, so we didn’t want to waste our supplies on that. We can live with it for a bit.

The hallway in mid and full prime.











The bathroom only needed a few coats of a super white paint to give it new life. The tiles are a very retro niagara blue, so we figured that any wall color would be a distraction. White it is, and it looks fab now!


Here are the colors that we will use in the hall and kitchen.  The pale yellow is for the hall walls, the darker yellow is for the ceiling. In the kitchen we’re doing a little 40’s WWII feeling with this very pale, very pretty celery green, with the robins’s egg blue on the ceiling. The blue will also be inside the kitchen cabinets, and on the pantry walls.

I am so super excited!!! The color starts going on this weekend!

Kitchen Update: aka Spackle City

This morning we started the paint job on the hallway bathroom and kitchen. We started filling in holes with spackle and using the small electric sander on all the paint lines and stripes on the walls. When they were painted previously blue painters tape was used to create the straight edges, and it left ridges. Even though we know that the primer we have will cover the color changes, we didn’t want a bunch of lines to be there under our fresh coat of paint. We want a smooth pretty wall! Here’s the kitchen before, look the sun was still shining!

As you can see there are a lot of lines!

This is the other corner of the kitchen. Look at all the holes we filled in!

This is looking down the hallway to the front door from the kitchen. The dark color is a deep deep purple that is nearly black. Its very dramatic, but it makes the hall extremely dark. We’re looking forward to more light! (in case you were wondering, no, those aren’t orbs… just dust from sanding!!)

Please note the spackle job. I had a dickens of a time finding all the little holes on that dark wall! I may have to go over it again after the first coat of primer. Speaking of paint… Tomorrow is the primer stage! I can’t wait to see it all sparkling white. But we aren’t stopping there, next comes some color samples to make sure our color choices work with our light. Some cheerful color! I can’t wait to show you!

By dinner time we were starving! Check out the gorgeous soup my roommate Murray made… This is before we blitzed it with the hand held mixer. Butternut squash, carrots, apples, tiki masala with toasted french bread with butter on the side. I should have taken a picture, but it was so good and I was so hungry that it was gone before that happened! Next time!

A little Face-Lift

My new roommate and I decided that our home needed a little dose of sunshine, a face lift and a new vibe. We will begin sanding, spackling and painting in early February, but I thought that today would be a great chance to document the process. Here are some snapshots of our front hall and kitchen. The previous occupant had a flair for dramatic design, and it was really creative. It just isn’t the tone that we want to set. 

We have some great ideas floating around in our heads. In the hallway we want to make a space that is sunny and bright. There is very little external light so we want to ramp up the reflected light factor, and we wanted to bring some cheer into the dark space. The color that we are leaning toward is called Banana Cream. I know! Doesn’t that sound delicious! It’s sunny and bright without being an over powering yellow. Some color swatches will be applied soon so that we can try it on for size.

In the kitchen we were thinking that we would go for something serene and green. Something mossy and sage-y, but on the pale side so that the space remains light and bright. The cabinets will get a fresh coat of paint, new doors and a pretty pop of color inside. We really want to put something new on the floor, but that will have to wait a bit till we can finance it.

Look for updates in February!