Gardens and Growin’

After a long sabbatical we’re back podcasting and we’re getting very excited about our growing gardens.

Stoopid Cupid

St. Valentines day is just around the corner and this week we’re talking love.


Florrie and I discuss our favorite craft… KNITTIN’!

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

With Marie’s Birthday a few days away what better topic for us to yap about.

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Food Obsessions

Florrie and I talk about what gets our mouth watering and some of our foodie proclivities…

January Clear Out

Florrie and I discuss our clutter “problem areas” and what we plan to do about them.

Shocking, I know… but there it is. In all its crammed and cluttered glory. Its The Closet of Doom.

This bit is the top, assorted camera equipment, board games and the occasional shoebox. Just look at all those hangers, unfulfilling their destiny.

And the bottom bit. even worse. Spare folding chairs, my trolly, bike helmet, extension cords and a laundry basket full of fabric and some MIA clothing. Lord help us all!