New Year’s Fit or Fat?

Florrie and I get down to the nitty gritty of our fitness woes and form a plan!

Happy New Year?

Here at FlorrieMarie we have mixed feelings about the start of the New Year, and that;s right, we’re gabbing about them.

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Christmas Podcast

Marie and I share our feelings towards the big day.Listen as we gab on about it and then take our poll and let us know how you feel.


What’s your favourite movie of all time ever? Find out if Marie and myself have one. That’s right, it’s our pod topic this week.

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Hurray for Bread

Yesterday  was national bread day so Marie and myself spent the day indulging in the baking of many loaves, in between rising and knead we had time to gab about. It’s our 9th pod and we are gushing over bread.

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The classic and muched love Boulé

A boule, parmesan breadsticks and challah bread

A plaited boulé

An (attempt at an) epi loaf

An epi-tard

An epi-tard with a cheddar jalapeno fatard

Cookin’ Verses Bakin’

Would you consider yourself more of a cook or a baker? Or Perhaps you can’t pick a side of the fence  and prefer to straddle it! That’s our topic for our 8th podcast, so take a listen and share your view either with a comment or with the poll.

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