Postcards from Amherst

I went on a weekend jaunt and had a visit with my good friend and old roommate Gwen in Massachusetts.  This post is a bit heavy on the pictures, I hope you don’t mind.

We walked throught the Amethyst Brook conservation area which is home to part of the Robert Frost Trail, drove through historic Deerfiled, hiked up a great hill and saw the Peace Pagoda and temple. We visited her local organic co-op farm and Muffins, where they seriously have THE BEST MUFFINS. EVER.  I’m not even kidding.

We walked through Amherst itself and saw Emily Dickinson’s house, and grave. Of course we ended the trip by hiking some more around a beautiful lake.  Fall in New England is something you can’t really explain in words and pictures. You get can a fleeting impression, kind of like when you feel moments of November sun on your back.  A bit of warmth in the chill air, but nothing really like the sun feels in, say, July.  But I present you with these few words, and images hoping that you feel a tenth of the beauty that I saw.

I had a great time with Gwen and her little black pug, Muscles (whom I affectionatly call Monkey).  Gwen was a terrific roommate and I’m so happy that we remain friends. Its a tricky thing to accomplish, remaining friends, with time and distance between you. I took so many great pictures that I may end up posting postcards from Amherst Part II.  I hope you’re OK with that. I’ll make it up to you with a knitting pattern.