What We Were lovin’ In January

The thing I’m  loving this month doesn’t really have anything to do with January in particular. It was a rediscovery of a magazine.

Donna Hay magazine is an bi -monthly Australian publication, her motto is “Special made simple”. The magazine is simply stunning. The styling as a whole is fantastic, fresh and clean without looking sparse. The food looks incredible and there aren’t huge long list of ingredients. As Australia is in the southern hemisphere it’s in the midst of summer at the moment, It’s uplifting to thumb through the pages and have sunshine pour out, especially as when it’s snowy out my window.

Mouth watering recipes are behind every page turn. The magazine has a little beverage section where wines and spirits get reviewed.

I have tagged a lot of the recipes with post-it notes and will keep you posted about how they turned out. Next time you’re in a book shop pick up a copy and browse through it. f.



This month I’ve been watching a lot of movies at home, and I have to say that the romantic comedy duo of  Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have been topping the list. One of those cable channels has been running and re-running You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless In Seattle. I get sucked in every time.

I know its corny, but I have a soft spot for those movies, actually any Nora Ephron movie.  If I happen to catch either of them on TV its a wrap. I love the 80’s and 90’s hair, the shoulder pads, the good jokes that I know are coming. Its like a comfy pair of sweatpants. Tom Hanks is always the charming leading man, and Meg is such a quirky, funny character.

You just gotta love ’em. The closing of the little Shop Around the Corner always makes me cry, I totally get into the Pride and Prejudice-esque loathing into love… it makes me giggle that Annie sneaks around the office and flies to Seattle and acts like a crazy woman. I love it all. Another movie that falls into this catagory, but hasn’t been on TV lately is When Harry Met Sally. Its another keeper. I’ll curl up in my knitting chair and watch them over and over.  M