Video: Make Bread by Hand

Come make bread with us!


Here’s something fun to try this weekend- maybe as a test run for some fresh bread for thanksgiving? Let us know what you make- #florriemarie on instagram.

preheat oven to 450F

makes two boules (round loaves) or four batards (small torpedo loaves)

You can also halve the recipe.

1/2 – ounce salt
1/4 – ounce dry active yeast
1 pound 8ounces – bread flour
1 pint – tepid water

Mix well and knead on clean surface until dough is soft and pliable.
Let rise in a lightly oiled bowl until doubled in size.
Shape loaves and let rise again.
Score loaves and bake for 30-40 minutes.
10 minutes into baking- quickly toss a 1/4 cup of cold water into the bottom of the oven to create steam.
Wait 15-20 minutes after baking before cutting.


Hurray for Bread

Yesterday  was national bread day so Marie and myself spent the day indulging in the baking of many loaves, in between rising and knead we had time to gab about. It’s our 9th pod and we are gushing over bread.

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The classic and muched love Boulé

A boule, parmesan breadsticks and challah bread

A plaited boulé

An (attempt at an) epi loaf

An epi-tard

An epi-tard with a cheddar jalapeno fatard