Christmas Cookie Tree

This was a little pre-Christmas treat from myself  for myself. I’d had my eye on this for a while and got it just in time to make a stack of cookies to send to Cobra Commanders colleagues.

I’m excited all ready

OOOOooo, the excitement is growing,included are the  cutters, a couple of piping bags, 2 icing tips and a recipe book

Look at ALL those star cutters, they look so pretty grouped together

Make  a batch of cookie dough. As this was the first time I was using the cutters and didn’t really know how much dough I would need I followed the recipe in the instruction book, but omitted some flour and replaced it with cocoa powder

The instructions called for 2 batches of the cookie dough, But I got all the stars cut out from 1. I did re- roll the the excess dough

I was a trial and error placing the cutters on the dough and I did have to re cut some. I also rolled them out on the silicon mats as the dough is very soft and moving them distorted the shape

OK cookies in the oven. Similar sizes cookies are grouped together so they will cook at the same time, so none end up burnt or underdone

Out of the oven, while they cool, I’ll get the icing ready

I’m going to ice them with peppermint flavoured royal icing and sprinkle on red edible glitter and crushed up candy canes. The finishing touch will be a little gold dust

I spread the icing on the cookies, But in retrospect think I would have looked better if I’d piped it on and then flooded the centre..

…oh well, While the icing is still wet sprinkle half with red glitter and..

..the other half with the crushed up candy canes

The pieces were a little big and I tried to get them just on the edges

After leaving to icing to dry for a couple of hours, I was time to build the tree

I alternated between glitter and crushed candy cane

I dusted to top cookie in gold and stood it up

The finished tree. Not bad for a first attempt.

I’m looking forward to experimenting more next year, when I have a bit more time