Chartogne – Taillet Sainte Anne Brut


Vineyard: Chartogne – Taillet

Region: Champagne

Country: France

Vintage: N/V

Producer: Chartogne – Taillet


Grape: Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 12%

Price: $35.00


Perfectly buttery, reminiscent of golden raspberries ripe for the picking. To me the late summer afternoon haze on a meadow. Tiny bubbles rise lively to surface.


So very delicate, fresh floral notes five way to deeper more complex baked fruits and biroche.


Granny smith apples are my initial aroma, kiwi fruits and limes dance around with little florals that stretched long into the finish. A perfect balance between the chardonnay that provides the crispness and the pinot noir that rounds off the palate beautifully. It’s as if the characteristics of each grape alternate in revealing the qualities and flavours. They play off, and play up each other perfectly. The absence of the pinot meunier allows the chardonnay and pinot noir to shine. Strawberries linger in the finish.


Perfectly paired with the pan seared salmon we had  for dinner. I think it would be equally harmonious with a fruit tart. We tried it with fresh strawberries, the really brought out the darker fruits and the sweetness in the champagne, and vice versa.

Florrie‘s footnote;

Such a delight.



Vineyard: Ricochet

Region: Sonoma coast

Country: USA

Vintage: 2010

Importer: n/a

Grape: Chardonnay

Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: $19.99


Clear Clean and bright, pale gold with hints of granny smith green.


Citrus! Grassy meadows and pineapples with a subtle undertone of grapefruit and baked goods.


I feel as though I have been tricked! Watery and astringent are what hits me first. After this assault on my palate bitter fruits, lemons and grapefruits begin their attack. My mouth was uncontrollably drawn into a pucker. Charred bbq pineapple follows. Will this never end? The wine never mellows, the harsh astringent gets stronger on the finish.


I tried it with a variety of cheese, this cheese luckily coated my tastebuds enough to protect it from the mouthwash taste of the wine. Maybe a creamy pasta or fish in white sauce dish.

Florrie‘s footnote:

I could feel this burning the lining of my stomach. This was one that ended up down the drain. This highlights the importance of trying a wine before serving it to guests at dinner.

Definition of the word, Ricochet; ‘is a rebound, bounce or skip off a surface, particularly on the case of a projectile’. Which is exactly what I wanted to do after drinking this.