Snowed In: French Press Cozy

What a wild winter we’ve been having in the North East.  Lots of snow and cold temperatures, more so than any winter in recent memory. All this snow inspired me to create a little collection of knitting patterns based upon my favorite kind of winter day.  Snowed In.

I hope these sweet patterns will bring some cheer to your wintry snow days. Its not so terrible to be snowed in after all.  To celebrate the release of Snowed In, I’ll be giving away one pattern a day. Today’s pattern Is French Press Cozy, leave a comment on this post telling me why you love a snow day to win! You have until noon tomorrow, and then we’re on to the next pattern!

 My perfect snow day has me snowed in, with a day off from work and nowhere to be except in my cozy house.  The day ahead is filled with great movies, lots of knitting and scrumptious comfort food. First on my list would be a decadent brunch. Soft boiled eggs, buttered toast and fruit, and a piping hot carafe of coffee brewed in my french press.  


It’s a sad fact that the glass carafe on these kind of presses lets your drink go cold rather quickly, but a little woolly sweater for your french press if just the ticket. This French Press Cozy is the first pattern of this collection. It will keep your coffee warm until the last drop is poured, and the cheerful color and pretty texture add to the charm of your brunch table.  Four pretty buttons close up the cozy. Mine came from Melissa Jean  but I don’t see them on her site currently.






A noontime walk in the falling snow is everything its supposed to be. Filled with the quiet hiss of falling flakes, beautiful, eerie light, and drifts of freshly fallen snow. Coming back into the warmth of the indoors leaves you with cheeks flushed with cold, numb fingers and a rumbling tummy. The afternoon is followed up by more of the same. Knit. Eat. Repeat.   -Marie

Link to the Ravelry project page for Snowed In French Press, or  

This french press cozy has been designed to fit a Bodum Chambord 4 cup french press. If you have a larger or smaller sized press this pattern can be easily adapted to fit.
You may add or subtract the stitch repeat number from the cast on and still easily read the written directions. If you are using the chart, you can print two copies, fold one so that it repeats the correct number of stitches to see the chart for the new size. If your press is bigger around you also add extra garter stitch rows at the end, or use a second photocopy of the chart to increase the number of patterned rows until the fabric is long enough. You may also need to adjust the placement of the buttonhole yarn overs, depending on where your handle rests on your press.

Directions include fully written directions as well as helpful charted instructions.


Tilting Ribs Scarf Update

Hello! I’m happy to announce that I have finally edited my chart for the Tilting Ribs Scarf and have included it with the PDF pattern.  If you purchased it on Ravelry the update is ready to download right now! Happy knitting! -Marie

Download the update or purchase the pattern HERE.


Tilting Ribs Infinity

Tilting Ribs Infinity

Tilting Ribs Scarf

Tilting Ribs Scarf

Double Knit Party Chain




Double knit Chain


I really wanted to knit something for Christmas, at first I had my mind set on a wreath. I test knit some patterns, however for some reason it wasn’t coming together how I wanted.  I then remembered the paper chains I used to make when I was a child. They had almost limitless possibilities, what with the paper choices and if the paper was blank then I’d just add my own design.

Double knit chain

I started doodling and came up with my first few ideas. I remembered the classic patterns used in those the paper chains – dots, spots stripes. I had some scrap graph paper and charted my first few links, and worked out their order.Dounle knit chain

As I was knitting I wasn’t completely in love with how it was turning out. Even after blocking the edges were rolling, and I was a little unhappy with the look of the wrong side. At first I didn’t think it would show that much, but when I hung it up it was way too obvious.

Learning to double-knit is a skill that has been on my list for a while. Marie had stashed a class for us on Craftsy. I gathered my supplies and plonked myself down in front of the computer to learn. The cast on was a little tricky to master, but overall basic double-knit isn’t that hard. If it’s something you’ve been contemplating I highly recommend taking a little time to learn, and this chain would be perfect as each piece is so small.

I charted all the patterns using Google spreadsheets. I’m a bit techno challenged so once again Marie stepped in and pointed me in the right direction. It really is great having her around.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 07.17.30

After my initials charts, the links took on a life of their own, and soon I had 24. One for each day leading up to Christmas.

The great thing about these links is they can be knitted on any order, and any colour. I’d love to see them in lots of bright colors for a birthday party. I’m planning on re-knitting them multi colored when I have the time. I also love that they can be flipped inside out to reveal the other side and that changes the look and feel slightly.

I hope you’ll love knitting this for whatever holiday or celebration you’re having! -f

You can purchase the pattern HERE on Ravelry.

Free Pattern : Steinway Hat

Note 01/03/2014: There has been a wee bit of confusion with a few readers on how to get the pattern so I am making it the link super clear at the top of the post.

Please click   **HERE**  to download the pattern directly.

If you would like to go to Ravelry and save it to your library click **HERE** .

If you are still having technical issues,  please feel free to send me an email at and I will get the PDF emailed to you right away.

But please try downloading it first.  Thank you so much!

Please read on if you would like instructions for the optional PomPom.

DSCN0118Oh, Hi Steinway Street!  Since I was making this hat for myself to replace the one that I had lost, I decided to name it after a place in which I find myself frequently.  The Steinway St. stop on the R & M line is my little slice of the MTA.  Twice a day, five days a week, and sometimes more! The blue of the yarn I used also reminded me of the blue tiles and pillars.


I have long admired the accordion-like ‘Mistake Rib’ stitch. Its squashy, springy, and very forgiving if you can’t get your gauge just right. Its like regular ribbing on steroids. Its super stretchy, and knit in a worsted weight wool its even stretchier. It creates a lovely, thick, warm fabric, with deep valleys and high peaks made by alternating rows of knit, purl and a surprisingly simple combination of each.  Excepting the decreases at the crown, the pattern is only two rows. It honestly doesn’t get much easier than that.

Now that we are getting deeper into November and the winter winds have begun to blow in earnest, a warm squashy hat is something that we all need. Especially me since I had left my old one in a cab!  This hat is very versatile because its pretty much unisex. The texture of the ribbing adds interest but its not overtly masculine nor feminine. It can be glammed up with color to make it more bold, or made in a subtler hue for more conservative types. DSCN0134



But my favorite part of this pattern? Its got interchangeable… POMPOMS!  You can make pompoms in whatever color suits your mood, matches your outfit or makes you grin! And when you want to shake things up, changing it out is as easy as opening and closing a safety-pin.


All you need is a darning needle, and a small safety-pin.  When you make your pompom (I used a clover 65cm pompom maker) and are ready to tie it off,  just cut a length of yarn that’s about 12 inches long. After tying it, don’t trim the ends. Instead thread them through a darning needle.


Use the needle to thread those ends through the little hole at the top of the hat. Pull them all the way through and flip your hat inside out. Steinway_Hat10

I tie my ends off into a big bow, just the loopy part, I skip the first overhand knot to make it easy to untie later. Then I pin the pompom to the hat, making sure I get the pin through both the hat, and through the middle of the knot. You don’t want that baby falling off mid commute.  Steinway_Hat11

And there it is! You can pompom it, or wear it plain. Make matchy pompoms or contrasting pompoms. Big silly pompoms or multiple little ones. Its really entirely up to you.


The Blue Sky Worsted is such a fat snuggly yarn, I can’t even describe how warm it is! It’s nearly the perfect wool.  If only alpaca didn’t make my nose tickle. lol At least it only does it while I’m knitting. Steinway_Hat13You can download your copy of the pattern on Ravelry


Happy knitting!  -Marie

Skull & Crossbones Chart


Download FREE  Skully Chart  Updated version 10/17/13

Something a little bit spooky for Halloween, a fun and scary knitting chart!  You can knit it all with one yarn by knitting and purling the design, or use two colors and make a cute insert. Gauge depends on your needles and yarn. It would be really fun on a hat, a scarf on a sweater, an iPod or cell phone cozy…a poison cozy… whatever tickles your funny bone…

no pun intended. -Marie