Latte Jelly

Jelly or Jello, it’s the jiggle that’s important!!


Latte Jelly

This is a glorious amalgamation of sweet crunch, smooth cream and jiggle with a kick.

50ml KaluhaLatte Jelly

200ml Freshly brewed coffee

2 Gelatin leaves or 4 grams of powdered gelatin

1 Tablespoon sugar

4 1/2 oz  mascarpone

75ml Baileys

3 small meringues*

Cocoa powder for dusting

Brew the coffee and enjoy the aromas. Soak the gelatin leaves in a bowl of water while you wait for the coffee. Put the sugar into the jug and pour in the coffee while it’s still warm, stir so that the sugar dissolves. Remove the gelatin from the water and squeeze. Add to the jug and whisk vigorously to dissolve the leaves. Strain into a clean jug and add the Kaluha mix to dispense evenly. Share equally between three Irish coffee glasses. Pop them into the fridge for a few hours until the jelly gives a gentle jiggle.

Latte Jelly

Combine the mascarpone and baileys, until they are a silky smooth union. Dollop into the three  waiting glasses on top of the set coffee jelly. Top each ‘latte’ with a meringue crown and dust liberally with cocoa powder.

Latte Jelly

*If you have the time make your own as I did or if time is of the essence store bought will suffice.