The Tiny Terror’s Bedroom – Part 1

I was so excited to move and finally start decorating, especially The Tiny Terror’s bedroom. I’d had a vision of how I wanted it to look since He was born and we lived in the little flat. I want it safari-esq, but a little more colourful and fun. At the moment his room is a sunny yellow, not too bad, but not what I want. I love, love, LOVE going a collection paint charts. I am really passionate about colour and really enjoy working with it. So off I go to the hardware shop and gather my samples.

I think I collected nearly every shade of green, I love that these have the little cut out window so that you can find complimentary and contrasting shades.

I look at then in every possible light and time of day.

When I have a short list, I lay them with the other elements that are gong to be in the room. The espresso provides depth and the neutral khaki doesn’t fight for attention with the green

I like to group together other little elements that provide inspiration and may be used in the room. I leave these on display while I’m trying out the colours on the walls

I painted large swatches of each colour on the wall in the darkest part of the room…

Next to the window and also on another wall

Then I put some of the accessories in and go back a couple of times to see which colour works in reality and which doesn’t.

After a couple of days and a few consultaions with Cobra Commander, I finally decide on a colour….

Stay blogged on to see the next stage

Country Christmas Tree

It took a few days (lack of preparation on my part), but the tree is finally up and The Croakery decorations are finished.

This is Thor, A Norfolk pine he lives at the top of my stairs

The glow from the lights catches my eye as I walk past the foot of the stairs


I went for a palette of icy blue and frost white for the banister

I used snowflake tinsel, mini glass baubles, paper cut out doves and...


origami cranes, all strung with ribbon


The tree came from a local tree farm, cut down by my own hands. It's a spruce so has prickly needles


Finally up ready for Christmas


White suede doves are strung together on icord

and spell out the word peace



I ended up with classic theme of red and white for the tree


Oversized shiny silver jingle bells gleam in the twinkling lights

A pail filled with candy canes dangles from a branch for guests with a sweet tooth