Postcards from Rhinebeck ’14









IMG_6516.JPGIt was so good to get out of the city this weekend and head upstate to Rhinebeck for the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival. The weather was the most perfect October weather you could ask for, by turns dramatic, steel grey skies with the woods all orange and red and gold and the clearest blue sky and sunshine with cold air and chilly breeze. It was perfectly cold and that meant that the hand knits could be worn comfortably, but not so cold that you needed a jacket over them. Florrie finished her Aunt Fred and it looked so great on her, I would have lost my marbles knitting a whole sweater in that fiddly sport weight wool. Kudos to her. I wore my Astoria cowl, it was snug and perfectly warm.

Florrie had much more shopping restraint than I did, I bought two skeins of Miss Babs Yowza in a really pretty green/blue/grey colorway (Shaken Not Stirred), the line for Miss Babs wool was predictably long, a giant bag of Maple Cotton Candy, some Hot Maple Mustard (it’s seriously the best thing ever), a gorgeous cherry wood stirrer/spatula from Chester B. Basil’s stall, some beautiful grey/green ceramic buttons from Melissa Jean and on the way home when we stopped off in Tivoli at Fabulous Yarns I got a squishy red skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Extra.  I’m not sure if it was because it’s the third or fourth year that we have gone, or if it was in fact smaller this year. Not sure, but it was fun and we got to scratch a few goats and sheep under their chins, and see so much beautiful wool.

Until next year Rhinebeck, maybe I’ll get my act together in 2015 and have my own sweater to wear. 😀




Brooklyn Craft Fair

20131007-140027.jpgSome friends invited me to participate in a craft fair next weekend in Brooklyn. At first I started to give my standard “Oh, I don’t really make things to sell, I write knitting patterns so other people can make things” speech, but then I realized that I could print up copies of my patterns and sell them. So, Guess what? I’m gonna do it!

I bought some nice lightweight, acid free card stock to print them up on, sheet protectors, ring binders, etc. I’m kind of excited. I’ve only ever sold digital PDFs of my work so it will be pretty cool to be face to face with my customers.  I got the cute paper sleeves above for our business cards. They really meant for scrap booking, but they were so cute and in our FloMa colors, I thought that they would be great little holders for the cards.  Its pure accident that the Knit. Eat. Repeat. peeks out perfectly.  I’m putting together a few notions to sell, too.  I have some vintage sewing supplies and I’m putting together some hand made stitch markers in addition to the knitting patterns.  Its shaping up to be fun!   Oh gosh, I have to wash and block my samples!

If you’ll be in the NYC area, specifically Prospect Park, Brooklyn come say hi! I will be there Sunday 10/13/13 from 11-7.

Saturday Oct. 12 -Sunday Oct. 13 11:00 am-7 pm

757 4th Avenue (@25th Street) Brooklyn, NY 11232

Take the R to 25th Street.