Fâmega Vinho verde tastin’ notes


Vineyard; Fâmega

Region; Minho

Country; Portugal

Vintage; 2007


Importer; Admiral imports, cedar grove, NJ

Alcohol; 9.5%



Almost colourless, this has the palest hint of green.


Crisp, limes are the prominent aroma, however a fresh scent of green apples citrus and grass complete the nose.


There is a definite effervescence to this,  as the miniscule bubbles tickle your tongue there are whispers of citrus and granny smith apple. The soft minerality and well balanced acidity linger throughout. This is an incredibly light bodied and refreshing dry wine.


Simple light fish dishes and grilled chicken. Rich creamy cheeses the wine would cut through and cleanse your palate.

Florrie‘s footmotes;

We always have a couple of bottles of white vinho verde kicking about The Craokery, It’s great when  something easy it drink is required. It’s a great thirst quencher on balmy nights. I love it seafood and will happily sip my way through a bottle without food. The term “Vinho verde’ literally means green wine, and that’s exactly what you get. Green fruits and grass and absolute freshness.