52 Project: 6/52

6.52.2What is this sunshine all about!?  Its still very cold and crisp outside this afternoon but the sky is pale February, washed out and the coolest of blues. The snow is still piled up on every corner from our recent spate of snow storms. Though, this Buffalo transplant scoffs at the idea of three inches of accumulation being classified as a ‘Storm’.  I know, I know, its Snow Snobbery at its worst, but its how I feel. (and its the truth!! lol)

This winter has been a stand out winter in my opinion.  Most NYC winters are mild with the occasional snow, and two or three days of really cold (below 30F) weather.  I think being so close to the Atlantic and the heat retained in the concrete tempers the weather we get.

The world was a wintry wonderland again last week. I wandered around the park for a bit and took a few pictures.     I did one panoramic picture on my iphone from the ridge where the Summerhouse is, a rustic wooden structure on a craggy hill.  I could do with a few more weeks of this beauty.


Panorama takes from the Summerhouse, looking south and west



Snow frosted elms twist over the Fifth Avenue sidewalks


WWI monument on Fifth


A man walks the snowy paths, the summerhouse in the distance.

Have a great week everyone!   -Marie