365 Photo, 22nd Feb – 5th Mar

February and rolled into March and with that hopefully some spring like weather. We’re going strong with our 365 photo challenge, neither of us has cheated or forgotten a day, but there are still 300 day of photo taking so fingers crossed.

Here are Florrie’s snaps;


365 Photo update

As January came to a close, Marie and I were mightily chuffed that we had snapped a photo a day for an entire month. We have been going strong all this week and are excited to carry on. You can still join in and join our flickr group. Or just be inspired to start your own, you could take a photo a day for a month or have colour themed weeks/ months, or check out other groups on flickr. f.

Florrie’s week in photos

Marie’s week in photo’s

Happy New Year?

Here at FlorrieMarie we have mixed feelings about the start of the New Year, and that;s right, we’re gabbing about them.

Join our 365 photo group, follow this link to flickr