Red Devon

red devon 008

When I was visiting the Croakery earlier this month, Florrie took me out on a lunch date to Red Devon in Bangall, NY.  Its a sprawling building nestled in a little stand of trees with a sweet little garden.   We were very lucky that the day was warm and there was a lovely cool breeze. The last few weeks of August had been brutally hot and we were finally enjoying a break in the action.  The town of Bangall is nestled in among farms, with acres and acres of rolling fields and dark green woods.  The building used to be home to Jimmy Cagney’s Steakhouse. He had a vacation house just outside of town.  Florrie tells me that Liam Neeson has a country home in the area too. Unfortunately there were no sightings of any tall, handsome Irishmen during our visit.  The new owners have modernized and renovated the building to be as green as possible. Check out Red Devon’s website for more information on their green initiative.  But enough talk about the building, let me get to the good stuff!  The Food!

We sat outside on the long front porch that runs the length of the building. The menu was varied and everything looked wonderful. We kept watching the wait staff pass by with other diner’s food and drooling. We finally settled on the burgers and we were not disappointed.  They were cooked to perfection, charred on the outside, juicy on the inside with a brilliant brioche bun.  The fries had a peppercorn seasoning with a homemade ketchup and were eaten with much gusto! I still think back on those fries and smile…

As much as we love cooking, its always fun to go out on a gastronomical adventure, especially with such good company.


Thanks For Friends

Up at the Crokery we gave thanks with our friends, here is what we feasted on and a few photos of us all.

Shrimp bisque accompanied with autumnal shaped croutons

A palate cleaners of cranberry sorbet

Roast venison with jumble berry mole

Cornish hen with classic gravy

Boar and apple sausage

Roast potatoes

Parsnip bread pudding

Roast vegetable medley with pommegranate vinagrette

Wild rice with pecans and cranberries

Chestnut stuffing

Sweet potato ice cream served with toasted marshmallows and pecan cookies

Caramel apple pie

Lots of wine

Wildwoman and Dutch pass the croutons

WildWoman & Dutch pass the crotuons

Giggles and my Cosmic Twin, smiley faces after a bellyful of bisque

Giggles and my Cosmic Twin, smiley faces after a bellyful of bisque

Candles nestled in a vase of nuts makes for a multi functional centre piece

Marie cleanses her palate

A perfect portion

The table awaits hungry guests

Remains of a tasty bisque

The salt and pepper pots, a nod to the host sense of humor

A nod to the hosts sense of fun