Winter Sprouts

Last fall at the croakery Florrie planted some seed garlic  in her big huge outdoor tubs. there was a little left over so I took it home and put it into a big terracotta pot I had. I put it in a cool dark place and didn’t water it for about a month. Then I remembered it and was concerned about the bulbs drying out totally and dying. I gave it a little splash of water.

In just a few days I saw some teeny little pointed green tips poking through the soil. What a suprise! Sprouts in December! I moved it to a sunny spot and kept it watered.

I had planted about 5 or 6 cloves, but only saw two sprouts at first. I figured the rest were duds. But in less than a week I saw a few more tips pushing their way up through the dirt. Hello!

I know this pot is probably too  small, but we’ll see what happens, won’t we? For now its just nice to see a tiny bit of spring green in my winter window.