gelato02Florrie was going to come to Queens today to cook, because the movers were coming and everything would have been packed up. But as it turns out they didn’t show up on time and their lateness would have seriously cut into our cooking time.  So I decided to go to the little apartment in Brooklyn one last time. The movers were in full force by the time I got there and Modern Margot and I spent the better part of 3 hours waiting in the hall, tapping our toes until we could get into the kitchen. Boy was Florrie heated. gelato01Ok. Maybe not really heated.  But we did finally lose our patience and kick them out. Nicely of course :o) The actual moving day was going to be friday so they could finish up then.

We kept cooking simple this time so that we wouldn’t need too many accouterments and decided to make Gelato. All we needed was the mixer and the ice cream machine.  What we made was Olive Oil Gelato to be exact. Well, a batch of Olive Oil Gelato and a batch of Avocado Gelato to be precise. But you know me, I’m not exactly precise.

gelato06We  halved the olive oil recipe and substituted avocado in batch number two. I figured, Olive Oil Gelato could go either way, and who wants an whole batch of sketchy ice cream? Not this cowgirl. Besides that avocado was equally weird sounding. After the last mover left, we started cookin. Well, we started mixing. We didn’t actually hgelato03ave to cook anything.  Gelato is super easy, you just mix egg yolks with sugar until it forms a ribbon, then add the oil/avocado and beat some more, until its a cloud-like fluffy consistency. Its lovely.  Isn’t that olive oil gorgeous? It was the prettiest peridot green. We used Berio Extra virgin Olive Oil, gelato05I think we would have gotten better results if we had used a more yellow, lighter tasting oil. It was good, but it was a little strong.  After the yolks and sugar were a pale lovely mess, we drizzled spoonful after spoonful of that pretty oil into the batter. Since we halved the recipe, and I am not a mathlete, I put a little too much oil. Its sad, but these things happen. It wasn’t a gelato11

total wash though.  We added some cream, and some milk and mixed it a bit more. Here’s the ice cream machine in action, look at it go! Then we put it into a plastic container and put it into cold storage.  It was pretty tasty. The cream was cold and sweet, and the fruity taste of the olive oil made an unusual contrast. It had a bit of a strange aftertaste though, Flo thinks it made the flavor of the egg yolks stand out too much. I’m not sure about that, but it left something. Flo had a brainstorm and put a little honey on top, and not only did it cut the after taste, but it enhanced and made the olive oil flavor even better. It was a very pretty pale greenish yellow, too. Yum!                                                                   Moving on to Avocado! gelato09 While the other set of egg yolks and sugar were beating in the mixer Flo cut up a whole ripe avocado, diced it (carefully) in the shell. Don’t worry, she’s a professional.  The avocado was so soft that we only needed to do a small dice, then we chucked it into the mixer with the yolk/sugar mixture. It immediately increased in volume, and turned a really pretty celery green. I suppose that the fat content of the avocado had some sort of lovely effect on the egg yolk fats and they fell in love. It sure looked like it. The sugar really brought out the delicate green flavor gelato08of the avocado. I’m used to it being in savory dishes, but this was truly something special. Just look at how pretty that mixture is! We added all the cream, but wanted to retain that thick texture so we only added half the milk.  After going round in the ice cream machine a few hundred times it was gelato! The avocado was a rousing success! It was gorgeous.gelato10 There was a moment when we added the cream to the mixture and it turned an even brighter shade of green. It was very pretty, though I thought the original pale green was prettiest. It was too good to wait. We spooned some (very) soft serve gelato into some bowls and went to town. the rest we stowed in the freezer for later.  I suggest you make some right away!gelato13