52 Project: 22/52

20140602-131807.jpgOur corner is getting quite lush, after a few weeks of sunshine mixed with rain the green is really taking over.  It’s nearly summer!



Here & There: Quilting Edition


This post was meant to have Florrie’s story about her hexagons, too… but temperamental internet has kept her from finishing.  She will post hers as soon as she can.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss her project.  Read on for my story –hex

Down at the Flat I was wandering through some few of my favorite blogs a few weeks back and I read about Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy starting work on some fabric hexagons. It jogged a memory of my mother, an avid quilter, making hexagons when I was a girl and carefully hand stitching them together into a quilt top.  Alicia’s hexagons were so pretty. Shades of pink and cream, green and blue.  The combination of nostalgia and the twitchy fingers of my craft mania meant that it wouldn’t be long before I started some of my own.

I’m an OK seamstress at best, but this seemed easy enough.  I did a little research on construction and Florrie ordered us a few sets of paper hexagons online.  We ended up with 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch paper hexagons.  I was to go up to the Croakery for a long weekend and we were set to get started.  While I was there we took a trip to JoAnn’s (which is extra exciting for me as we don’t have any of them down in the City) and we spent 20 minutes picking out fabrics. Initially I wanted aqua and browns, but the greens kept creeping in and the palette seemed to sort itself out. I bought a quarter of a yard of eight different fabrics, four green and four aqua of varying shades, patterns and intensities.

I knew I wanted to make a small project (a quilt seemed a bit daunting to start in case it turned out making hexagons made my teeth squeak) so I settled on a pillow cover.  Turns out making the hexagons is a quick, easy and pretty fun process. I cut out rough squares (why be fussy and cut a hexagon when you really don’t need to??) with my teeny Ginghers.  You just need to make sure that your fabric squares are big enough to comfortably wrap around the paper pieces. Basting the fabric to the paper was quick and easy, soon I had a decent sized stack and started the work of composing my layout. I settled on diagonal stripes of a dark and light of each color, and laid them out to alternate green/aqua/green and so on. I thought the flower motif might be a bit too twee for what I had in mind.


Stitching the hexes together turned out to be a breeze. The instructions said to use a whip stitch, but I somehow fell into blanket stitch and it seemed to be fine.  I picked up a 20×13 inch pillow stuffer and got to work making my piece large enough to cover the front. I’m going to make the back with strips of the remaining fabric.


I haven’t decided if I want to fuss around with a zipper yet, or just make a flap. I do plan to line the inside with muslin to make sure no disasters occur while inserting/removing the pillow. Should I do a layer of thin batting for the cover and do a little bit of quilting, too? Decisions, decisions… Also, would anyone be interested in directions for the hexagon pillow? Let me know and I may be able to take the time to create a PDF.      -Marie


Red Devon

red devon 008

When I was visiting the Croakery earlier this month, Florrie took me out on a lunch date to Red Devon in Bangall, NY.  Its a sprawling building nestled in a little stand of trees with a sweet little garden.   We were very lucky that the day was warm and there was a lovely cool breeze. The last few weeks of August had been brutally hot and we were finally enjoying a break in the action.  The town of Bangall is nestled in among farms, with acres and acres of rolling fields and dark green woods.  The building used to be home to Jimmy Cagney’s Steakhouse. He had a vacation house just outside of town.  Florrie tells me that Liam Neeson has a country home in the area too. Unfortunately there were no sightings of any tall, handsome Irishmen during our visit.  The new owners have modernized and renovated the building to be as green as possible. Check out Red Devon’s website for more information on their green initiative.  But enough talk about the building, let me get to the good stuff!  The Food!

We sat outside on the long front porch that runs the length of the building. The menu was varied and everything looked wonderful. We kept watching the wait staff pass by with other diner’s food and drooling. We finally settled on the burgers and we were not disappointed.  They were cooked to perfection, charred on the outside, juicy on the inside with a brilliant brioche bun.  The fries had a peppercorn seasoning with a homemade ketchup and were eaten with much gusto! I still think back on those fries and smile…

As much as we love cooking, its always fun to go out on a gastronomical adventure, especially with such good company.


The Tiny Terror’s Bedroom – Part 1

I was so excited to move and finally start decorating, especially The Tiny Terror’s bedroom. I’d had a vision of how I wanted it to look since He was born and we lived in the little flat. I want it safari-esq, but a little more colourful and fun. At the moment his room is a sunny yellow, not too bad, but not what I want. I love, love, LOVE going a collection paint charts. I am really passionate about colour and really enjoy working with it. So off I go to the hardware shop and gather my samples.

I think I collected nearly every shade of green, I love that these have the little cut out window so that you can find complimentary and contrasting shades.

I look at then in every possible light and time of day.

When I have a short list, I lay them with the other elements that are gong to be in the room. The espresso provides depth and the neutral khaki doesn’t fight for attention with the green

I like to group together other little elements that provide inspiration and may be used in the room. I leave these on display while I’m trying out the colours on the walls

I painted large swatches of each colour on the wall in the darkest part of the room…

Next to the window and also on another wall

Then I put some of the accessories in and go back a couple of times to see which colour works in reality and which doesn’t.

After a couple of days and a few consultaions with Cobra Commander, I finally decide on a colour….

Stay blogged on to see the next stage