Sitting in The Croakery post box the other day were these;


My Sister in law had sent me a fabulous array of tomato seeds, an heirloom tomato reference book and an heirloom tomato cook book. The recipes look fantastic and  I can’t wait until spring rolls around so that I can start the seeds.

The tiny terror also received a growing themed gift from his Auntie.

The tiny seed book by Eric Carle

The Tiny Seed  by Eric Carle

He loves Eric Carle illustrations

He loves Eric Carle Illustrations


As soon as I get a pot, we’re planting them.


I’m excited!!! It’s really late in the growing season and the seeds I planted are shooting up. The look healthy and happy so far, I think I can now tell which are the radishes and which are the spinach.

Sproutin'Radish tips just starting to poke there way through the soil.


Bunches of baby spinach…at least that’s what I think it is. Oh well, the important thing is that it’s growing.


Spring onions shoots in the autumn, I wonder if they’ll be ready before the first frost, will they have to stick it out all through the winter?


My lettuce tub has turned into a jungle, with the arugula leading the way. I’m sure this is weed of some sort, but it tastes soooooo good ,who cares?

See how they started out , Growin’ let the adventure begin