Happy Valentines Day

There are many ways to let someone know that you love them, here at FlorrieMarie this is how we expressed ours.

Cheeky little grin

Tremendous spirit within

my joy every day. f


Be my valentine,

Never before have I loved

the way I love you. f


Our love is still true

You make me howl with laughter

In a big bear hug. m


Haiku Diary

Towards the end of almost every year I think  to myself ‘next year i will keep a diary of some sort.’  I have tried the traditional approach; which I found too tedious, The daily documentation of my outfit; I kept forgetting. In my stocking last Christmas I received a gorgeous set of moleskine notebooks and was inspired to try again.

Each month is a different colour

And they are numbered

I needed something that was short and sweet, An Haiku, surely even I can commit to summing up my day in 17 syllables. Wish me luck.

Yarn Lust

Click clack, click clack. There is a chill about the air at The Croakery, which means I am frantically knitting away. Wondering lazily over the spectrum of  yarns packed to the rafters, a glint from the corner caught my eye. It was lust at first sight.

Gold it shimmered, soft as silk,

Enticing, knit me

luxurious, kid mohair

Gloriously golden in the sunshine

Gloriously golden in the sunshine

Something you should know about me, I perpetually fall in lust with things, anything from tiny condiment spoons to a particular colour.  OK, so the haiku may be a tad odd, but I felt like writing one.

Focus Florrie. Back to the knitting………..It’s nothing fancy, when finished it will be a scarf. Yarn this beautiful speaks for itself.

The scarf so far

The scarf so far