St Germain

My new crush is this hand crafted delight from France, St. Germain. A Refreshing delicate tasting liqueur, made from elder flowers . It is contained in a fabulous Art Nouveau style bottle. Delicious for sipping on it’s own, I like to mix with a rosé champagne for a cocktail that’s delectably divine.


P.S. from Marie… This is soooo good! You all know that I am not a big drinker, but this is so light and really, really good. Florrie got me hooked on it. It has notes of citrus and green grape. 

 I LOVE it with muddled green grapes mixed with pink grapefruit juice and a little seltzer, though I think Florrie may disagree! She doesn’t like grapefruit… if you find some buy it and you can thank us later!

Crafts At Rhinebeck

Marie and I went fairin’ again, but this time it was all about crafts, well mostly, there was some wine too. Listen to us rave on about what we loved. That’s right, it’s our Fifth podcast.

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See for yourself, click the links below to find out more about the crafts we loved


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