Last of the Summer Basil

The fall is quickly settling in, even in the city. I wanted to use up a big chunk of the basil that we grew in the container garden this summer and I thought that pesto would be a good way to do just that. I grabbed a red tomato, cut a large handful of the spicy, lemony basil and peeled and crushed a few cloves of garlic.

I stripped every last leaf off of the basil stems and popped them into the food processor with the garlic while George enjoyed the cool breeze and sunshine.

Once the basil and garlic were chopped up a bit I added a healthy amount of olive oil and let it whizz around some more.

The gorgeous olive oil, of course, was followed up with some lovely parmesan. I couldn’t afford expensive pine nuts, but I used some unroasted, unsalted cashews and you know what? They were delicious.

I scooped this onto some corkscrewy pasta, and diced up that beautiful tomato.

Did you think I was kidding? Look at that beauty! You won’t find that at the supermarket! At least you won’t find that flavor anywhere but homegrown.

Totally yummy and perfect for one of those lingering summer-like fall days when the sun is warm and you still have some green and lovely basil in the garden.