Autumn At The Croakery

Autumn has been blowing in the breeze for a few weeks now. I feel spoilt being able to watch the leaves change in the back garden of The Croakery.

Autumn at The CroakeryTaken on the 23rd September…….

Autumn leaves 5th Oct…Just two weeks later the vivid greens have all but gone

Autumn at The CroakeryOn 23rd September, Golden flecks of Autumn nestled amongst the green of summer past…

Autumn leaves 5th Oct…This shot on the 5th October shows a gold rush of leaves

Autumn at The CroakeryThe pond level has dropped a foot of so since this was taken

Autumn at The CroakeryThis tree was the first to begin it’s change, a branch dangles down, damaged last winter

Autumn at The CroakeryI love how the spectrum of Autumn colours can be seen in this one Maple

DSCF2881A late sunny days gives a glorious glow

DSCF2873Fallen leaves are one of my most favourite things about Autumn

Autumn at The CroakeryThe vast colour range on one little leaf leaves me in awe

Autumn at The CroakeryThey create a beautiful patterned rug on the grass

Autumn at The CroakeryThe Tiny Terror has an early appreciation of Autumn

Autumn at The CroakeryFire on the ground

Autumn at The CroakeryThe most beautiful objects really are found in natue

Autumn at The CroakeryBeneath the blanket of leaves, a little stream flows

Autumn at The CroakeryA golden carpet on the wood’s floor

Autumn at The CroakeryThe shadowy trunks will soon loose their camouflage

Autumn at The CroakeryThe compliments of red and green are even more stunning in nature

Autumn at The CroakeryEnjoying the crispy crunchy sounds of the leaves