That’s Nature

The other Sunday morning at The Croakery I could hear the strangest bird noise. It was like squealing and squeaking. As I looked into the trees I could see several robins in a tree. The noise stopped. I continued what I was doing, and heard it again. Back to the window I went, in an attempt to identify the source, It was then that this caught my eye……

…A Merlin sitting on a Blue Jay. The Merlin had swooped in on its prey and after a struggle had flipped the Blue Jay on its back.

Pining the Blue Jays wings down with its claws the Merlin pecked at the neck of the Blue Jay until it died. The was an ambitious undertaking on the part of the Merlin, He and the Blue Jay are almost identical in size.

The Merlin then took flight with the lifeless Blue Jay clutched in his claws below  and disappeared into the woods.

Feather covered ground is all that was left of the struggle and…

… A single blue tail feather marks the spot were the Blue Jay lost