Double Knit Party Chain




Double knit Chain


I really wanted to knit something for Christmas, at first I had my mind set on a wreath. I test knit some patterns, however for some reason it wasn’t coming together how I wanted.  I then remembered the paper chains I used to make when I was a child. They had almost limitless possibilities, what with the paper choices and if the paper was blank then I’d just add my own design.

Double knit chain

I started doodling and came up with my first few ideas. I remembered the classic patterns used in those the paper chains – dots, spots stripes. I had some scrap graph paper and charted my first few links, and worked out their order.Dounle knit chain

As I was knitting I wasn’t completely in love with how it was turning out. Even after blocking the edges were rolling, and I was a little unhappy with the look of the wrong side. At first I didn’t think it would show that much, but when I hung it up it was way too obvious.

Learning to double-knit is a skill that has been on my list for a while. Marie had stashed a class for us on Craftsy. I gathered my supplies and plonked myself down in front of the computer to learn. The cast on was a little tricky to master, but overall basic double-knit isn’t that hard. If it’s something you’ve been contemplating I highly recommend taking a little time to learn, and this chain would be perfect as each piece is so small.

I charted all the patterns using Google spreadsheets. I’m a bit techno challenged so once again Marie stepped in and pointed me in the right direction. It really is great having her around.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 07.17.30

After my initials charts, the links took on a life of their own, and soon I had 24. One for each day leading up to Christmas.

The great thing about these links is they can be knitted on any order, and any colour. I’d love to see them in lots of bright colors for a birthday party. I’m planning on re-knitting them multi colored when I have the time. I also love that they can be flipped inside out to reveal the other side and that changes the look and feel slightly.

I hope you’ll love knitting this for whatever holiday or celebration you’re having! -f

You can purchase the pattern HERE on Ravelry.

Pick A Pop

The game making and decorating is now in full swing as the Halloween party draws nearer.


This game is such a great combination:  children love candy, and children love games.This is easy and fairly cheap to make.

You will need;

A large sturdy plant pot.

A ruler.

A pencil.

A drill.

A  drill bit to match the diameter of the lolli stick

Spray paint.

Marker or stamp pad.

Lollipops, I used Dum-dums.

Acrylic frame

These are the measurements of my pot;

Top circumfrence 29 inches.

Bottom circumfrence 41 inches

Height 12 inches

You will need to adjust your measurements a little depending on your own pot.

Using the drainage holes on the bottom as a guide, line up the ruler. Put your first mark 1 1/4 inches from the bottom. Moving upwards keep marking  in increments of 1 1/4 inches.

From the original mark at the bottom work around the circumfrence marking every 4 inches. Once you have marked all the way round use these as a guide and begin marking vertically. Every 1 1/4 inches.

Using a mark along the bottom measure 2 inches and mark. Using this as a guide mark 1 inch from the bottom. Working veritcally meaure and mark in increments of 1 1/4 inches again. You are adding another coloumn of marks inbetween the first round. Repeat working around the pot.  Your holes will be staggered from the first go-round.

Mark the spot.

Mark the spot.

Mark the bottom of the pot too. I did this ramdomly, and eyeballed the spacing to be similar to that on the sides.

The difficult part is over.

Using a drill bit that is slightly bigger in diameter than the lolli sticks, drill all the holes. Be careful not to force the drill or apply too much pressure as you run the risk og cracking the pot, and I’m sure you don’t want to mark a new one all over again. If you do split the pot all is not lost. After drilling and spray painting you can cover the hole with electrical tape. One piece on either side and poke a hole with a skewer.

Spray paint the pot the colour of your choice. I chose black beacuse this one is for Halloween and the Dum Dums really pop on this background.

This holds around 200 lollipops. I Selected about a fifth of that number to dip in ink to mark the bottoms.

Next fill up with lollipops, I had a very willing helper and it only cost me a couple of Dum Dums.

I covered a folding tray in a plastic Halloween tablecloth to sit the game on and printed up a sign with instructions how to play. I slid it into an acrylic frame and taped it to the table.

Its so much fun that I’m not sure that anyone will even care about not having a dip in the prize bag. Happy Halloween. -F


The crisp air, the rustle of leaves under foot, sky high piles of sweets in the shop can mean only one thing, that Halloween is just around the corner. Ever since moving to The Croakery we have had a Halloween party for the Tiny Terror. And this year is no exception.  I’ve just finished the invitations and I’m very excited.

Gather the supplies

Gather the supplies

The supplies:

Glow in the dark witch’s fingers.

Wooden coffin boxes from Michael’s

Fake blood stained cheesecloth from Joanne’s



Wood burning tools

Print the wording part of your inviation on to coloured paper. I chose red, but think maybe I should have stuck to white with bloody fingerprints.

I rinsed the cheesecloth and let it soak in the brewed coffee for about 30 minutes. Let it dry.

Dirty the cloth

Dirty the cloth

Roll the paper and slide it into the finger.


Rip the cheesecloth into stips twice as wide and a little longer than the coffin, put inside and nestle the finger into it.


SONY DSCBurn the coffins with the letters.  When you need to make something look as though it has just been dug up from the ground, what better thing to use than dirt. Rub it into the grain of the wood.


Finished and ready to hand out.


The Simple Steps

Here is last years invitation.


To make these use striped card stock as the base. The wording is printed on the Avery sticky labels. Paint the admit one ticket orange. Make two little slits in the card and slide the ticket through. The trick or treat circle is attached with a brad so it can spin and the orange stitching was added to create an hypnotizing effect. And finally  a little triangle of orange card stitched on serves as a pointer.

Here is a pdf for the spinning trick or treat wheel.

Trick or treat invite download

Happy Halloween. f

Halloween at The Croakery

Halloween was rather crazy up here in the woods. The Tiny Terror hosted a party, need I say more. Everyone got into the spirit and dressed up including the adults, there were games, crafts and a scavenger hunt! A spooky good time was had by all.


A flying ghost greets the guests

Tiny Terror is a dab hand at crafts

















The worlds cutest bat, doing a final walk through before the guests arrive


After 20 minutes TTT was ready to change out of his costume, I’m so glad I spent so much time making it!


Witch (Grammy) & Slice of pizza (GG)

Doofenshmirtz and A Spider

My spider babies making their way down from the nest

















A part wouldn't be complete without a cake or two

Another party, another costume

He must be my son. In true Florrie fashion, The Tiny Terror decided that he need a different costume for his pre school party.  f