Tiffin Truffles

As if there weren’t enough goodies to stuff your face with around Thanksgiving, these treats are great to give as a hostess gift or a little thank you to your guests.

Line a container with parchment paper. The size isn’t that important, it depends on the depth you want the tiffin to be. The container I used above measures…..

Measure out the cream

Pour the cream into a bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Add in the broken chocolate.

For this I’ve chosen intense orange by Lindt. The chocolate is good quality, rich  and on the bitter side, it has slivers of almonds and shreds of orange peel. The I love contrasts of tang and bitter, the smooth chocolate and the crunch of the almonds.

Whisk the chocolate into the cream until it is a glorious glossy sea

Stack ’em high, a tower of ginger biscuits

Now bash ’em, bash ’em, bash ’em. Put them into a zip lock bag first and squeeze out the air before sealing it or else  you’ll be hoovering up biscuit crumbs.

Do the same with the pecans.

Little jewels of autumn

Stir the cranberries into the molten chocolate

And the pecans and finally the biscuits

Pour this delicious mixture into the container, bang it on the counter a couple of times so it removes any air bubbles and then leave it over night to set

The next day, turn it out onto a cutting board

Slice through it with a sharp knife

Slice in to squares

Dust lightly with cocoa powder

Place them onto a cooling rack and shake lightly to remove any excess cocoa

Cut some wax paper into strips

and then into squares big enough to wrap your tiffin in.

Place the chocolate in the middle and…

Fold the sides up, so they overlap

Twist the ends in opposite directions

Bite size treats

Put some in a little dish, a perfect way to say thank you