52 Project: 23/52

20140609-102549.jpgIts a rainy Monday morning in the big apple. I’m actually grateful for the change in weather, yesterday was super hot and my Monday morning pictures were getting a bit redundant with partly sunny mornings.  The Puerto Rican Day parade marched down Fifth Avenue yesterday, so the blue NYPD barricades are stacked up, waiting for the flatbed trucks to come along and pick them up.

I actually brought an umbrella to work today.  I generally hate umbrellas. They are a pain to carry around, and when I bring one with me proactively, it inevitably turns out that I don’t need it. Unless its raining pretty hard I just flip up my hoodie and get on with my day.  But this morning its was coming down pretty hard.  I love a rainy day, especially when I get to be snug in my apartment.  I hope you have a great Monday!  -Marie