52 Project: 52/52

IMG_7545.JPGCould it really be… a whole year has whizzed by already?  I really hope you enjoyed this series of pictures.

See the complete year here!

I scouted a couple of different locations for next time around. I plan on doing this again next year, but I think I’ll shrink it down to once a month.

A 12 Project. 🙂

I’ll be posting the first picture next month (week). Have a happy new year!   IMG_7541.JPGIMG_7542.JPG

52 Project: 51/52

IMG_7411.JPGAnother grey December day in the city, the shop windows are sparkling with holiday lights and displays, shoppers are filling up the stores and thronging the streets. Last night I was out and those steely grey clouds spat out a few flakes, but nothing that you could actually call snow. I was hopeful that we’d get some of the white stuff, but alas no. On that note, if you can avoid going to Target on the Sunday evening before Christmas, I suggest you do. lol Horrible. Last night was the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for the days to get longer again. Where on earth has this year gone!? 😀

If you’re celebrating, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, have a great week! -Marie


52 Project: 39/52

IMG_5859.JPGAutumn is being a tease in the city.  We’ll have a few days of cool temperatures, and gorgeous chilly nights, and then it will turn around with a weekend like this past weekend. In the 80’s, a teensy bit humid, hot. The good news is that I’m starting to see the first little signs of the season’s change: a blush of red in the trees, leaves collecting on the ground, purple autumn flowers. Florrie says that the leaves at the Croakery are starting to turn. All we need down here is one good cold snap and it will quickly tumble downhill into color. I can’t wait. Yesterday I caught myself daydreaming about being home when it’s snowing. It nearly made me feel something similar to homesick.  lol Aren’t I a funny one?

Have a great week!


52 Project: 37&38/52




So, it finally happened. I missed a picture!  I took last week off from work, and I went upstate to the Croakery to visit Florrie for a few days. Between travel, and knitting, and cooking, and drinking and fun my picture taking was quickly forgotten.  I did take a picture in a park near Florrie’s little house in the woods, though, 🙂 so that will be my stand in picture for last week.

This Monday in the city is a little bit grey, a little bit cool, a little bit breezy. The reason that they covered up our friends General Sherman and Victory is that they are renovating Grand Army Plaza. They’ve been ripping the whole thing up with jackhammers and bulldozers for a couple of weeks now. According to the sign it should be quite pretty once they’re done.

I hope you all have a great week!


52 Project: 34&35/52


IMG_4843.JPGOops, I did it again.  Wait, did I just quote Brittany Spears? lol

I let life get in the way and I didn’t post my pictures on time. Again. Luckily I did actually take the picture, so that’s half the battle, right?  So here are my pictures from last week, and from yesterday.

I was lucky enough to have Labor Day off, so my Monday was spent at home, with a little housework, and lots of knitting.  Summer has decided to punish us New Yorkers these last few days.  She was such a mild companion this year until about Saturday or Sunday. Then she decided to have hot flashes and turn my west facing living room into an oven.  It really hard to get into knitting when you’re sweating, just from sitting down.  Hopefully she’ll get the memo that summer is over and she needs to fly back down to Florida with the rest of the snowbirds.  🙂  In the meantime, I need to get to knitting!  Have a great day! – Marie



52 Project: 33/52


It was a gorgeous late summer day today. Warm, but not too warm, bright blue skies, wall to wall tourists. Lol.
I spent a considerable portion of my lunch break going over color pallets for some upcoming projects.  While it’s lots of fun, it can get rather exasperating when you start to rethink and over think things too much, but I believe that I finally settled on some pretty combinations.


It makes it doubly hard when you have too many pretty options. Darn you Liberty of London!   This, though, is a problem I don’t mind having. 🙂

Hope you all have a great week!   -Marie