52 Project: 27/52







I hope everyone had a fun and happy July fourth weekend. Mine was fun and productive!  I have a new free crochet pattern that I will release in a day or two (see Instagram for a preview).

I waited till my lunch break again this week to take my photo of our corner of the park.  It was brimming with tourists, lunchtime walkers, food carts and vendors.  The man on the bike was a happy surprise, I decided to use that picture because I thought it was very NYC of him, zooming in front of me like that.

I walked around a bit and snapped a few extra photos as well.  Just to the left of our corner there is a sculpture installation that changes every few months. If I had been thinking ahead I would have scootched down the block a bit so it could be seen in every photo. Oh well. 🙂  Lady Victory was all shiny and golden in the noontime sun.  The horse drawn carriages were all lined up.  The Pulitzer Fountain was a cool oasis, that’s Pomona on top, pouring out her abundant water to cool off the locals.  The view down Fifth Avenue (looking downtown) shows the hazy humidity of this particular Monday. It’s a bit hot and sticky today.  I hope you all have a great week! -Marie

52 Project: 23/52

20140609-102549.jpgIts a rainy Monday morning in the big apple. I’m actually grateful for the change in weather, yesterday was super hot and my Monday morning pictures were getting a bit redundant with partly sunny mornings.  The Puerto Rican Day parade marched down Fifth Avenue yesterday, so the blue NYPD barricades are stacked up, waiting for the flatbed trucks to come along and pick them up.

I actually brought an umbrella to work today.  I generally hate umbrellas. They are a pain to carry around, and when I bring one with me proactively, it inevitably turns out that I don’t need it. Unless its raining pretty hard I just flip up my hoodie and get on with my day.  But this morning its was coming down pretty hard.  I love a rainy day, especially when I get to be snug in my apartment.  I hope you have a great Monday!  -Marie


52 Project: 21/52

20140526-144341.jpgI hope everyone (in the US) is having a fun Memorial Day weekend.  I didn’t miss my post though, working in retail means you don’t get the same holidays off as everyone else. But its OK, I really don’t mind. Its in the mid 80’s here today, sunny, warm and beautiful. The humidity is low so I can enjoy the warmth and sunshine… for now!

A heartfelt thanks to every single soul that has put their life on the line for our country. Where would we be without you?  Both Florrie and I have intimate connections to to military life.  Multiple generations have served and we know the heart swelling pride of seeing our loved ones in uniform.   Thank you and we will never forget.





52 Project: 18/52

20140505-112405.jpgOh dear. I took this picture this morning and completely forgot to post! Busy, busy day.  Our little corner of New York has greened up considerably,  The trees are so pretty with their delicate new leaves, and the whole city is flower filled and smells fresh.  I’m enjoying this while it lasts, because all too soon the season of hot, humid concrete madness is soon to follow. For any Game of Thrones fans out there, I’m not worried about winter. Summer is coming. 😉 -Marie


52 Project: 17/52

20140428-092712.jpgIt’s another beautiful Monday morning in the city. Still chilly, we’ve been hovering on the verge of breaking the 60 degree mark for the past week, but just can’t seem to manage it. But it’s still gorgeous, trees are still blooming and there seem to be flowers everywhere.

Yesterday I took a little bit of my tax refund and ordered my very first pair of astronomical binoculars. After about two weeks of reading reviews and watching info videos online I finally settled on Orion Baby Giant 15×63 magnification.  They should be here by mid-week and I can’t wait to get them! Exciting! Now to plan a camping trip somewhere nice and dark. Have a great week!   -Marie

52 Project: 13/52


We are on April’s doorstep in NYC, and even though its cold and rainy (as early spring should be, in my opinion) the trees are starting to swell with buds. Seriously, take a peek at the trees in the picture above. The tips of every branch are flushed with red and the little leaflets are already beginning to unfurl.  The daffodils along my street have pushed their way out of the ground and they should be opening their blossoms any day now. I’ve seen some pretty purple crocus, and the rosebushes have tentative red leaves sprouting along the greening vines.The lighter evenings have been throwing me off, too.  My internal clock makes me think its 5:30 based on the light, and when I look up at the clock its 7:30… yikes!