52 Project: 50/52


Our corner is really starting to look like winter again. The weather has been quite warm really, for December, in the mid 40’s. Cold, but not freezing cold. Now that the trees are bare I love that you can see the squirrel nests tucked into the y’s of the tree limbs. I bet it’s quite cozy in there.  Only two weeks left of this project!  I’m still deciding on a new location for next year’s project. hmmmm.

You can see the entire year so far here.


52 Project: 45/52

IMG_6940.JPGWhat a difference a week makes! We’ve had temperatures dipping low at night, and all the leaves in the park are changing colors and falling to the ground. The afternoons have still been warmish, mid 50’s.  It seems like these trees were green for so long, it’s kind of odd to see them all gold, the tree’s limbs becoming more and more exposed. It’s funny to me how quickly the turning of the seasons happens once it gets going.

It’s nearly time for the snow to start flying! I, for one, cannot wait! Have a wonderful week! -Marie


52 Project: 43/52


I had a super fun weekend up at the Croakery helping Florrie host a Halloween party for a pack of wild 2-7 year olds. It was so much fun, with games, and food, and kids tearing around the garden. I got to spend some quality time rambling about the woods, getting my fill of country air and autumn woods.  Florrie inspired me to purchase some Blue Sky Alpacas Extra, and I started swatching for a new hat pattern. It is completely and utterly the most luscious thing to knit with. 55% Baby Alpaca/45% Fine Merino. Soft, springy, cloud-like, and it knits up so fast!

Back in the city this Monday our corner is finally catching up to Florrie’s little mountain and the colors are showing, the leaves have begun to fall. There’s a new art installation going in, some massive bronze sculptures. Once the fence comes down I’ll share a few pictures.  Have a great week! -Marie

52 Project: 40/52

IMG_5986.JPGChilly Monday morning today.  I feel a little bit like I wasted my Sunday though, I was under the weather and spent nearly the whole day asleep. First in bed, then on the couch in front of football games, then back to bed again.

I’m back at work this morning though, feeling a little better for all my rest but the throat still hurts. I have to brace myself every time I try to swallow. Maybe I’ll go home early? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

52 Project: 39/52

IMG_5859.JPGAutumn is being a tease in the city.  We’ll have a few days of cool temperatures, and gorgeous chilly nights, and then it will turn around with a weekend like this past weekend. In the 80’s, a teensy bit humid, hot. The good news is that I’m starting to see the first little signs of the season’s change: a blush of red in the trees, leaves collecting on the ground, purple autumn flowers. Florrie says that the leaves at the Croakery are starting to turn. All we need down here is one good cold snap and it will quickly tumble downhill into color. I can’t wait. Yesterday I caught myself daydreaming about being home when it’s snowing. It nearly made me feel something similar to homesick.  lol Aren’t I a funny one?

Have a great week!


52 Project: 37&38/52




So, it finally happened. I missed a picture!  I took last week off from work, and I went upstate to the Croakery to visit Florrie for a few days. Between travel, and knitting, and cooking, and drinking and fun my picture taking was quickly forgotten.  I did take a picture in a park near Florrie’s little house in the woods, though, 🙂 so that will be my stand in picture for last week.

This Monday in the city is a little bit grey, a little bit cool, a little bit breezy. The reason that they covered up our friends General Sherman and Victory is that they are renovating Grand Army Plaza. They’ve been ripping the whole thing up with jackhammers and bulldozers for a couple of weeks now. According to the sign it should be quite pretty once they’re done.

I hope you all have a great week!