52 Project: 52/52

IMG_7545.JPGCould it really be… a whole year has whizzed by already?  I really hope you enjoyed this series of pictures.

See the complete year here!

I scouted a couple of different locations for next time around. I plan on doing this again next year, but I think I’ll shrink it down to once a month.

A 12 Project. 🙂

I’ll be posting the first picture next month (week). Have a happy new year!   IMG_7541.JPGIMG_7542.JPG

52 Project: 49/52

IMG_7298.JPGCold and grey this morning in our little corner of NYC. We have a nor’easter headed our way for tomorrow, and two days of rain are forecast for us starting tomorrow morning. If only the thermometer was to dip a little further south we might get the white stuff. Either way I plan on staying in the cozy flat and maybe doing a little bit of baking. I think Nigella’s Gingerbread (or for the more serious bakers, here is the recipe with weights) is called for. It’s a holiday favorite in these parts. Christmas Crack. If you want to make the same tweaks that I do, add extra grated ginger to the batter, grate some lemon zest into the icing and swap out the cinnamon for all spice. Hope you have a lovely week!  -Marie

52 Project: 41/52


Grey and cool this Monday morning in NYC. Fifth Avenue is prepping for the Columbus Day parade this afternoon. You can see all the blue police barricades set up and waiting. If I had been thinking, I would have brought my lunch with me today, oops. That means I have to navigate my way through the crowds to get some grub at lunchtime. Oh well!

The trees on our corner are starting to shift, they aren’t that vibrant summer green any more. There are little bits of gold and brown creeping in, and the greens are now deeper, tawny olives. The colors are coming.  It’s kind of funny how quickly they come and go here in the city. Upstate they change over the course of several weeks as frosts creep in, here it can happen as fast as a weekend. Blink and it’s gone.

Have a wonderful fall week! -Marie