Pineapple Lime Ice Lollies

pineapple, lime, pop, popsicle, ice, lolly, lollies, tequila, cocktailFor a last grasp of summer we decided to indulge in a little adult, warm weather treat. Bright lime and sweet, tart pineapple highlight the mellow, agave of the tequila. Try to only eat one. We dare you.

Makes approximately 18 mini pops

You will need:

1oz plastic shot glasses – or other popsicle molds

1 ripe pineapple – juiced (easiest done in a juicer)

Will make roughly 3 cups of juice

Reserve 1 cup of the pulp (remove any hard bits or eyes)

2 limes – zested and juiced

1/2 cup tequila (optional)

pineapple, lime, pop, popsicle, ice, lolly, lollies, tequila, cocktails

Mix everything together in a shallow freezer proof dish. For a family friendly treat, omit alcohol.

To avoid rock hard pops and to give them a nice flakey texture slightly pre-freeze before you fill your pop molds. This will also help your stick remain upright during the freeze.

In the shallow dish, freeze for 10-15 minutes, gently flake with a fork, replace in freezer. Repeat once more. Spoon into molds, and insert popsicle sticks and freeze for at least a couple of hours or overnight.

52 Project: 28/52

20140715-112241-40961554.jpgUgh. So it’s finally happened.  Its so humid in the city that I can barely breathe.  The subway stations are like underground broilers. I’m a sweaty, sticky, cranky mess. 😦

But on the upside, last night Florrie and I went to Madison Square Garden and saw Bruno Mars and Pharrell on the Moonshine Jungle Tour.  It was amazing, and I usually hate concerts. lol  Bruno has an amazing voice, his pitch is incredible, and when he sings live its just like listening to a recording, he’s that good. But he also makes each song different when he performs them live, exciting and new.


His band is just as talented, I love their synchronized dancing while they play.  It’s so so so good.  If you ever get the chance, see him live. You won’t regret it, he is a vibrant, talented and fun performer and the show was worth every penny! Check out our Instagram for some video evidence. 🙂

Stay cool!  -Marie