I was given a  fabulous full, luscious leafed, peppery scented basil plant Propergatin'by my friend Wildwoman as a house warming gift back in July. It has really thrived living on my bar, basking in the sunlight all summer long. With  the chill on the breeze now, it has moved inside to a sunny spot in the window.  I adore basil and use it almost every other day, but this little bute is so generous with it leaf production that even I couldn’t  get Propergatin'through all of it, also the bottom has begun to get very twiggy and I think in may be signalling the end.



Propagating came about by accident. There was a broken stem full of yummy leaves, I was going away for a few days so to keep it fresh for my return put it in a glass of water. Actually it was an old bottle of The Tiny Terror’s.Propergatin'In truth, on my return I actually forgot about the wee plant. I wasn’t until a few days later, when I was cleaning that I noticed teeny white threads floating in the water. I was amazed and as excited as a small child! I called Cobra Commander and babbled to him about it, he humoured me because he loves me.

OK, so let me get back on track…..


Propergatin'So, I left it there and the roots grew more, it in the water until I couldn’t wait anymore and I transferred it into a little pot with some soil and stuck a kebab skewer in for support. So far so good. I now have a few more on the go, hopefully they’ll take and will be gifts for people next summer.